Chronic Bronchitis and Croup in Homeopathy

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The following article was composed by Antonie Peppler, the developer of Creative Homeopathy, and talks about bronchitis and croup. According to her observation regarding a young client, Antonie draws a more extensive picture of this pathological situation based on an already compromised immune system.

Immune deficiency found already in children

More and more frequently, children who are already weak and greatly burdened are brought in for homeopathic treatment by parents who have already tried numerous therapies. In the last few years, immune deficiency problems have become massive.

At first, after antibiotics, stabilizing measures such as mineral and vitamin supplements can help. Still, the causes of immune deficiency need to be recognized and removed before a real change and improvement can occur. The two-year-old Zara, who since her first year of life has continually come down with bronchitis, is a good example.

Suppressing bronchitis with antibiotics?

For six weeks, the bronchitis was fought and suppressed with antibiotics, and the little girl was getting weaker and weaker. Bronchitis recurred and was suppressed again. Finally, she even developed a bout of croup.

This condition frightened the parents so much that they sought a homeopathic treatment for Zara, in which a complete anamnesis forms the basis of the therapy. The homeopathic treatment is based on natural laws that can be briefly described as follows:

“Disease comes from within!”

Disease arises from thought patterns stemming from habits or what other people do and think, and we then accept it as a given, something that cannot be changed. Our inner voice revolts and expresses itself through body language, through symptoms.

This law of nature has consequences for homeopathic treatment:

  1. Every symptom has its symbolic meaning.
  2. Every symbolism can be interpreted.
  3. The sum of the interpretations describes a particular situation in life.
  4. Every life situation leads us to the thought pattern that lies behind it.
  5. It is possible to neutralize the thought pattern at any time, to remove the value judgment.

›› Result

If the value of the thought pattern is neutral, a person will change their behavior,

the symptoms become unnecessary, and the person is healed!

The method of creative homeopathy consists of:

  1. determining the life situation of the patient
  2. figuring out how the patient came to his situation
  3. bringing the problem to the patient’s awareness with the help of homeopathic remedies
  4. pointing out sources of assistance in making a decision
  5. activating the potential of the patient to make decisions
  6. leaving the patient in the life situation with a sense of self-responsibility and the freedom to make his own decisions

In other words:

“Encouraging patients to perceive their inner voice and to follow it!”

Relevant symptoms were taken from Zara’s case history:

The interpretation of the symptoms yielded the following:

SymptomPsychological significance
bronchitis›› cannot stand irritable conditions in the family; cannot stand conflicts
croup›› individual rights are not demanded and held back to the point of suffocation
skin rash after antibiotics›› shows the suffering caused by suppression
measles›› the urge to go by what others do; would actually rather help others whenever possible than even consider taking responsibility for herself
mumps›› asserts himself in order to demonstrate or develop the personality; the process of individualization is still restricted, and there is no clear decision on behalf of one’s own needs
rubella›› the urge to become more decisive; the inner voice is not perceived; a great uncertainty underlies the question as to whether he is allowed to take a position on matters; those around him make decisions without asking him, and he submits to them
diphtheria›› unable to express his needs and his personal desires; there is a massive problem in communication with those around him because this person does not trust himself even to express his needs to others
tetanus›› the urge within a person to achieve for himself and his own life his own set ideas and needs regardless of any opposition and to the exclusion of any show of weakness
pertussis›› the urge to make one’s own person “noticeable” and wanting to feel accepted as an individual; feels alone against the crowd and fighting against it; lacking trust in his own abilities
polio›› the urge to forcefully attract attention to oneself through exhibiting weaknesses; in the role of the victim, he finds the attention and security that he cannot ask for verbally; refuses self-responsibility and would rather let himself be served from front to back; no love of self
HIB›› the urge to free oneself from group opinion and from the fear of something new; enraged that he does not stand up for himself; own feelings are less important than the intellect
conjunctivitis›› enraged over what he sees, for it does not meet up to the way he thinks things should be
middle ear infections›› enraged because he allows someone to forbid him to listen to his inner voice
diarrhea›› unexpressed fear of showing criticism
stomach-intestinal flu›› finds himself in a very uncomfortable life situation that is connected to fear
knee-elbow position›› protects himself as soon as he feels vulnerable; would like to return to the protection of the womb
head, perspiration at night›› it is tiring to assert the mental construction he has build up for his own protection over against the emotional reality
head, perspiration on the forehead›› it is strenuous to defiantly always want to get your way
fever›› unexpressed anger attack
fever of the upper body›› angry because he does not live his own style of life and does not act on his own behalf
cold feet›› does not have the confidence to go his own way
cold with chills›› stubbornly reserves his disappointments for himself
milk›› support (relationship to mother)
butter›› the best part of being supported
vegetables›› unrestricted life energy
potatoes›› hurts are kept private; does not take a stand, remains in the underground
cake›› looks for external recognition

The Psychology behind Bronchitis Symptoms

Summarizing the interpretation of the symptoms, Zara presents herself as desperately looking for protection. She neither wants to acquaint herself with the “hard facts” of life nor can she assert herself successfully. After talking again with the family, however, no “hard” situations or heavily burdening conflicts within the family could be confirmed. Therefore, there must be another reason for Zara’s strong feeling of being oppressed.

After further questioning the causes of her condition, it caught my attention that her vaccinations, carried out in a three-step rhythm, were completed just by her first birthday. Obviously, after the third repetition of the multiple vaccinations, the limit of what Zara could handle had been surpassed. She then had an extreme reaction with bronchitis and croup attacks.

Vaccinations need to be considered

To detoxify a vaccination, it is not sufficient in homeopathy to prescribe a single remedy without adding the vaccine nosode. The miasmatic treatment that is often presented as a successful approach is, from my experience, unable to guarantee lasting healing.

After many years of researching the problems of vaccinations, it became clear to me that it is necessary to produce the nosode of the vaccine itself and then prescribe this together with a single remedy chosen especially for the particular vaccine illness.

The specific vaccine nosode, for example, from the diphtheria vaccine, activates the terrain. The single remedy associated with this vaccine, Lachesis muta and/or Lac caninum, affects detoxification. With this treatment, the titer is not eliminated but sinks more quickly than is typical.

Corresponding homeopathic remedies

The following homeopathic remedies from my list of representative homeopathic remedies for the vaccinations were found in the repertorization of Zara’s symptoms:

  • for diphtheria lach
  • for HIB bell + apis
  • for measles hep + puls
  • for mumps puls + merc
  • for pertussis bell + nux-v + dros + kali-c
  • for polio sep + nux-v + acon
  • for rubella sil + puls + bar-c
  • for tetanus bell + nux-v

The remedies for Zara’s vaccination detoxification were prescribed along with calc-c and sulf, which were given to support the excretion of the toxins.

Already after three days, Zara’s continual coughing and rasping stopped. Until today (four years later), neither bronchitis nor a croup attack has shown up again.

About the Author

Hi, my name is Christian Köhlert. I am the officially appointed ambassador of Creative Homeopathy according to Antonie Peppler®, and my mission is to introduce this holistic approach and philosophy to the international alternative medicine community. I have written all translations of Antonie’s work on this page. If you have questions, contact our team or make an appointment for a homeopathic online consultation.

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