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This article is an excerpt from the book “The Psychological Meaning of Homeopathic Remedies” concerning Sulphur. The double-volume compendium was written by Antonie Peppler, the founder of Creative Homeopathy, who psychologically interpreted the most significant remedies and the mental imprints behind common illnesses.

Sulfur/Sulphur in Homeopathy

Typical Indications of Sulphur; sulf; Sublimated Sulphur

  • aversion to bathing
  • exanthema = skin eruption
  • ailments from suppression
  • soles of feet hot
  • heat and burning sensation of the skin
  • mornings, 11 a.m.

Key Symptoms

standing is the worst position, they cannot stand ‹sa››› doesn’t want to admit to his true size and greatness
complaints that are continually relapsing ‹sa››› the advantages of the illness outweigh the disadvantages
feels so oppressed that he wants doors and windows open ‹sn››› slowly loses hope for personal freedom

Additional Selected Symptoms

religious aversion to the opposite sex ‹sk››› if he would allow himself joy, he would place his absolution in jeopardy
dreams, fire comes down from heaven ‹sk››› desires a change coming from anywhere as long as he doesn’t have to do anything
unconsciousness during stool ‹sk››› disavows responsibility for the criticism he expressed
ecstasy, during perspiration ‹sk››› is happy that he has managed to become active again
mistakes in writing, repeating words ‹sk››› wants to push his convictions onto others
fear of taking cold ‹sk››› afraid of falling into a negative situation
persistent thoughts, expressions and words heard recur to his mind ‹sk››› a repressed conflict wants to be freed
hatred of persons who had offended ‹sk››› defiant to a dominant person whom he allowed to forbid him something
chilliness from bad news ‹sk››› feels at the mercy of something negative
averse to pleasure ‹sk››› if he allowed himself life’s joy, he would have to become active on his own behalf
anger over his mistakes ‹sk››› must fulfill the expectations of others perfectly
headache, on nodding the head ‹sk››› wants to say “no” but doesn’t dare to
spasmodic yawning, evening ‹sk››› when he draws the line at the end of the day, he has to scream
dreams of being pursued, wild beasts ‹sk››› feels threatened by his own repressed vitality
fistulous opening in axilla ‹sk››› has not attempted to satisfy his needs directly, but tries to do it indirectly, diplomatically

The psychology of Sulfur

Actual Life Situation

The psychological life situation of Sulphur individuals is indicated by the Growth of awareness is suppressed. Chaos, needs clarity. Problems were suppressed and have become crusty and unclear. Creates order so that the suppressed problems can be taken care of.

Remedy Message of Sulphur(high potency)

“Become conscious of your situation and change what you want to change!”

Message of Sulphur

Condition After Taking the Remedy (high potency)

After Sulphur, it becomes evident that the personality lets itself be too determined by others who give it structure (merc) or exercise power over it (caust, chin). It is defiant, but it must learn to take its life consciously in hand and determine things for itself.

Growth of awareness is suppressed.”

Corresponding imprint of Sulphur

The Psychological Meaning
of Homeopathic remedies

This article is an excerpt from the book “The Psychological Meaning of Homeopathic Remedies” which was the first publication of Antonie Peppler decoding the mental imprints behind the 190 most significant treatments in homeopathy. In her 2nd volume, she added another 160 analyses.

You can order “The Psychological Meaning of Homeopathic Remedies – Vol. I” in physical form from Books on Demand (BoD) or as a digital PDF. Also available is Volume II as Books on Demand or PDF download.

The Psychological Meaning of Homeopathic Remedies book by Antonie Peppler mockup


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