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According to Antonie Peppler

Creative Homeopathy according to Antonie Peppler is the next consecutive step in the evolution of classic homeopathy. This new form of using information technology triggers the inherent healing resources. Antonie taught her technique to thousands of practitioners in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Welcome to her official website for the international audience.

About Creative Homeopathy

Creative Homeopathy consists of three additional pillars compared to the classical approach developed by Samuel Hahnemann. We don’t just rely on empirical studies but use the science of symptom language and depth psychology. Also, we utilize “Homeology” which are homeopathic remedies that are produced with radionic technology.

Symptome Language

The symptom language never lies and reveals details about a person’s life circumstances, behaviors, and relationships. The issues that are not understood through consciousness will somatize, that is, become physical. The symptom language is the basic building block and enables an objective view of a person’s actual situation, both in acute cases of illness and in everyday situations.

What does the coughing fits in cold weather and the chronic allergy to pollen blossoms mean?

Depth Psychology

All our experiences, conscious as well as unconscious, are interconnected. Not all complaints show up as physical symptoms. Often psychological issues are only recognized through a deeper analysis of life circumstances and beyond. The connections, evaluations, and acquired traumas must be identified and resolved.

Why can’t the person maintain a relationship, and why does the person behave in this certain way in what is actually a harmless situation.


Once a person’s overall health situation has been grasped in all aspects and interconnections, highly potent substances that are psychologically similar are selected. These remedies mirror the person’s situation and give the healing impulse for the resolution of the issues that have arisen – symptomatically as well as psychologically. How this is done is described in detail on these pages as well as in our books.

Homeology = advanced Homeopathy

Organon of Holistic Healing

Samuel Hahnemann, the inventor of Classical Homeopathy, wrote his “Organon” as a detailed guideline for understanding and applying his unique healing method. He advised his clients to read the whole document before even asking for an appointment. We won’t insist that you work through our Organon of the Creative Homeopathy, but we highly recommend this series of articles to better understand our approach.
Introducing The Organon of Holistic Healing

Introducing The Organon of Holistic Healing

When Samuel Hahnemann, the inventor of Classical Homeopathy, started to treat people with his new approach, he wrote a detailed manuscript that defined his work’s basic principles. He called it the “Organon.” For most Homeopaths, this pamphlet became the book of the law. Hahnemann expected every patient to read it in full back in the days, and he was earnest about it. I can only think of it as a form of torture.

Symptom Language Explained – Organon I

Symptom Language Explained – Organon I

We understand that symptoms are a cryptic language of subconsciousness. You could also say it is an intuitive and symbolic form of communication. Now we need to realize that we humans are multi-level beings. In the Jungian understanding, subconsciousness is associated with an eternally existing core of our personality. Others would refer to it as our “Soul.” On the other hand, our wake consciousness is our ego.

Psychological Imprints & Trauma – Organon  II

Psychological Imprints & Trauma – Organon II

The critical question is, how do we get rid of those psychological imprints? The answer is simple: we repeat the same archetypical conflicts that created the distortions in the first place—that is why we rotate in the same cycles of suffering repeatedly. Like in the movie “The Groundhog Day,” we repeat the same challenge until we change our attitude towards it. We subconsciously instigate the circumstances to restage an old trauma.

Losing a Beloved Being – Organon III

Losing a Beloved Being – Organon III

The movie “Titanic” is my favorite example because it depicts so beautifully the perfect archetypical situation of having to watch the “love of your life” vanish in front of your eyes to “never” come back. When people start to project themself into the Kate character, it will automatically trigger their suppressed trauma. Of course, first, you need to identify yourself with the protagonist to a certain degree.

How Homeopathy Works – Organon IV

How Homeopathy Works – Organon IV

If you are a spiritual person, the idea of an afterworld is certainly quite familiar to you, but I want to talk about it scientifically. Because many spiritual notions are distorted by religious dogma. So the concept we need to abstract is a multi-dimensional reality that expands beyond space and time. Even Albert Einstein had to admit that there have to be other realms beyond his time-space-continuum.

holistic Analogy of Homeopathy – Organon V

holistic Analogy of Homeopathy – Organon V

This is the last article in our “Organon” series in which I want to combine all the puzzle pieces of the previous articles and formulate a coherent analogy of how we can utilize homeopathic remedies to neutralize psychological conflicts and overcome disease. The Creative Homeopathy tries to facilitate a holistic understanding of how emotional trauma creates psychological imprints.

Our Newest Articles

Here you can find our latest articles about Creative Homeopathy but we have many more available in our media section along with useful videos that explain the wider field of information medicine and how it works. Please, feel free to roam our media library.

Food from a psychological perspective

Food from a psychological perspective

What meaning does food have from a psychological perspective? This is an important question in Creative Homeopathy because from the cravings and aversions of specific elements we can extrapolate a psychological and therefore a homeopathic condition. Antonie Peppler, the inventor of Creative...

Homeopathic remedies for anxiety disorder

Homeopathic remedies for anxiety disorder

In this article, we like to present an alternative approach to treating anxiety disorder by using homeopathic remedies. Mental health issues involving fear-based depression are rampant in modern society. This emotional imbalance can have various reasons, and the root of this condition needs to be...

Strengthen The Immune System

Strengthen The Immune System

The following article on how we can strengthen the immune system was written by Antonie Peppler, who developed Creative Homeopathy. In this treatise, she not only talks about essential homeopathic remedies, but she also sheds a different perspective on the immune system itself. From a holistic...

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