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We are offering online consultation from the perspective of Creative Homeopathy according to Antonie Peppler®. This advanced form of information medicine focuses on the psychological aspect of a disease. In many regards, it is much more progressive than classical homeopathy but still close to its roots. If you are interessted you can book a session right away or read about our philosophy to see if it resonates with your soul.

Homeopathic consultation

Your body naturally wants to be well and knows how to heal. We can support its natural healing process, and homeopathy perfectly facilitates it. You can get your online talk immediately by following an easy 3-step procedure. If you’re unsure about booking a consultation, don’t forget I offer a Free 15 Minute Consultation for first-time clients. In this short conversation, we can discuss if Creative Homeopathy is a good fit for you or answer all questions you might have about what to expect from our service.

The consultation you will receive is based on the teaching of Antonie Peppler. She is the founder of Creative Homeopathy and taught her technique to hundreds of students in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. After years of friendship and being her student, Antonie appointed me to become the international ambassador for her philosophy and holistic approach to healthcare. Accordingly, I am proud to offer Creative Homeopathy as online consultation worldwide and in a face-to-face session in cooperation with my partner in Vauderens, Switzerland. Here is her Swiss website.

If you like to dive deeper into our philosophy, we recommend our six core articles, “Organon of Holistic Healing.” For further questions, please check our FAQ section first.

Christian Köhlert

Christian Köhlert

Representative and practitioner
of Creative Homeopathy

Easy 3-step consultation setup

Step One

Set up communication Software

Every homeopathic consultation begins with the process of making first contact. Before we can do this, you have to have either Skype or the WhatsApp application ready to go. This communication software allows us to see and talk with each other without further expenses.

Installing the software allows you to write me a short line — for example: that you like to have a free 15min-conversation. This short chat allows you to ask questions about our approach and decide if this is your path to go. It also helps us to prepare for the initial online consultation. Of course, you can go directly to step two and ask for the next appointment or use our calendar system to look for available options.


Step Two

Booking and Payment

After a line of communication is established and you feel ready to book an initial consultation, you can use our online booking tool to set up an appointment. Also, you can contact us directly via Email, Skype, or Whatsapp to check for your next available option. Make sure you add your current timezone along with the request.

After your appointment date has been confirmed with us, we will guide you to our payment system. The fee for a one-hour initial consultation is 140$US which needs to be paid in advance. Note: The first two buttons below won’t work if you skip “step one.”


Step Three

Explore the Bigger Picture

After communication and an appointment are set, we can explore your challenges. An initial homeopathic consultation takes approximately 1 hour, during which a comprehensive case history is taken. Follow-up consultations take place approximately 3-4 weeks later and last about 30-45 minutes.

We tend to operate as psychology-based Homeopaths and gentle listeners. We am interested in you as an individual and will require as much detail as possible about your symptoms. For example, when did they start, how do they affect you in your daily life, what potential triggers, and what makes the condition better or worse? You can learn more about the process of finding the root of your challenges by pushing the button below or checking our FAQ and Organon articles.

Booking an Initial Consultation


The consultation is geared toward getting a holistic understanding of your challenges. In addition, we look at aspects such as your medical and family history, energy levels, sleep patterns, how you are affected by environmental factors such as weather and temperature, appetite, mood changes, anxieties, and how you react to stress. Symptoms you may consider unusual or unimportant may be of great value.

Our homeopathy consultation aims to get a broad overview of your presenting complaint and of you as a person. This approach gets us a balanced perspective of your health and where you may struggle or feel stuck.

During follow-up consultations, we evaluate the changes that have taken place and make any necessary adjustments to your treatment plan to ensure healing continues as swiftly and gently as possible. Use our calendar to check for a free appointment, pay the fee on PayPal, and get ready for a Skype call.

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FAQ Creative Homeopathy

What type of health problems can be solved with Homeopathy?

By treating the individual and not the disease, many ailments can be alleviated effectively by Creative Homeopathy, whether they are the result of trauma, short-term illness, or chronic conditions. It can also be helpful for people experiencing symptoms that do not necessarily fall into a distinct “disease category,” such as chronic fatigue, feeling numb, or simply feeling out of touch.

It would be impossible to list all types of ailments for which people seek homeopathic treatment. Still, some of the more common ailments encountered are stress and anxiety, period and fertility problems, menopausal symptoms, pregnancy-related conditions, insomnia, depression, fatigue, headaches, ear, nose, throat, and eye disorders, digestive and urinary tract problems, respiratory tract illnesses, bone/joint conditions, skin conditions, hayfever, and allergies.

It can also be used for children’s health issues; teething, colic, travel sickness, colds, coughs, fears and phobias, night terrors, temper tantrums, etc.

What about rare conditions?

Creative Homeopaths treat the person, not the disease. So while the name of your condition will give us indications of typical symptoms, in homeopathy, we want to know more. We want to know what the body tries to express from the unconsciousness—we call that “Symptom Language.” The prescription is then made based on your needs, rather than “one pill fits all” for a specific condition.

What happens during a homeopathy consultation?

The first consultation lasts approximately 1 hour and is an easy, gentle conversation. The initial consultation aims to gain insight into your illness and how it affects you and establish any triggers, causes, or aggravating factors that may be involved in creating an imbalance.

In addition, we look at aspects such as your medical and family history, energy levels, sleep patterns, how you are affected by environmental factors such as weather and temperature, appetite, mood changes, anxieties, and how you react to stress. Symptoms you may consider unusual or unimportant may be of great value.

Our homeopathy consultation aims to get a broad overview, not only of your presenting complaint but also of you as a person. This approach helps provide me with a balanced perspective of your health and where you may be struggling or feel stuck. Based on the information gathered, a personalized prescription is drawn, and I prescribe a remedy or remedy specific to your needs.

The follow-up consultation lasts approximately 30-45 minutes and usually takes place every 3-4 weeks later, depending on what we decide together. As your health improves, consultations will be spaced further apart.

How long does homeopathy treatment take?

Homeopathy is a process, and we are working on resolving the underlying cause of your illness. While you will often notice a response relatively quickly, healing takes time. The length of treatment depends on many factors such as the nature of your illness, whether acute or chronic, medical history and what factors have created the imbalance.

A general guideline for acute ailments such as coughs, colds, and first aid situations, should resolve in days or weeks. For chronic or long-standing conditions, I recommend committing to 4-6 visits, and you may require less or more depending on your specific needs. From experience, once we start homeopathic treatment, we expect to see change within the first 2-3 weeks, if not earlier, with improvement continuing after that.

What results can I expect?

A homeopathic remedy is offered to gently stimulate your body’s own natural healing response to encourage a gentle return to health. As we begin to restore balance and order, so too will your body let go and release uncomfortable symptoms. After taking the remedy, reactions vary with each individual. Generally, there is an increased sense of well-being with a sense of optimism, energy increases, and symptoms may begin to improve straight away.

Are there other positive side effects, too?

As our approach in homeopathy is to treat the person, during treatment, while we address your main health concern, other symptoms you had learned to live with or just thought are part of your life begin to improve too. You can also experience powerful emotional shifts as resolutions for challenging life situations begin to occur.

What are the homeopathic remedies made from?

Homeopathic remedies are safe, gentle, and effective and can be used safely in conjunction with conventional medicine. Homeopathic remedies come in liquid or pill format, and they are easy to administer. We are using homeologicals which are made with a radionic method.

Do you provide the homeopathic remedies, or do I purchase them?

Homological remedies are supplied for EU clients. The CKH office in Germany will put them together. If this not possible, you can order single remedies in most counties around the world.

What is expected of me?

Homeopathy is a mutual process between the client and the homeopath. I love seeing positive change happening quickly for you, so to get the most from your treatment, you must monitor and be aware of changes that are taking place physically, emotionally, and mentally. Your feedback is significant, so all you need to do is be alert to transformations, and we will discuss these during our follow-up consultations. If you like to keep notes, that’s perfectly fine too.

Homeopathy alongside my conventional medication?

Yes, professionally prescribed homeopathic remedies can be used safely in conjunction with conventional medications. Do tell us about any medication you are currently taking. Do not attempt to reduce your medicines without discussion and supervision from your doctor or health care provider.

OK, I'd like to get started – How do we do that?

Great! I’m delighted you are ready to take action and start improving your health naturally. Just follow the easy 3-step process to make an appointment.

I want to keep in touch for updates. How can I do that?

You can subscribe to the newsletter, which provides tips about homeopathy and regular stories from my clients. Subscribe here.

You might also like to read articles that interest you or watch some short videos here.


Our Philosophy

Introducing The Organon of Holistic Healing

Introducing The Organon of Holistic Healing

When Samuel Hahnemann, the inventor of Classical Homeopathy, started to treat people with his new approach, he wrote a detailed manuscript that defined his work’s basic principles. He called it the “Organon.” For most Homeopaths, this pamphlet became the book of the law. Hahnemann expected every patient to read it in full back in the days, and he was earnest about it. I can only think of it as a form of torture.

Symptom Language Explained – Organon I

Symptom Language Explained – Organon I

We understand that symptoms are a cryptic language of subconsciousness. You could also say it is an intuitive and symbolic form of communication. Now we need to realize that we humans are multi-level beings. In the Jungian understanding, subconsciousness is associated with an eternally existing core of our personality. Others would refer to it as our “Soul.” On the other hand, our wake consciousness is our ego.

Psychological Imprints & Trauma – Organon  II

Psychological Imprints & Trauma – Organon II

The critical question is, how do we get rid of those psychological imprints? The answer is simple: we repeat the same archetypical conflicts that created the distortions in the first place—that is why we rotate in the same cycles of suffering repeatedly. Like in the movie “The Groundhog Day,” we repeat the same challenge until we change our attitude towards it. We subconsciously instigate the circumstances to restage an old trauma.

Losing a Beloved Being – Organon III

Losing a Beloved Being – Organon III

The movie “Titanic” is my favorite example because it depicts so beautifully the perfect archetypical situation of having to watch the “love of your life” vanish in front of your eyes to “never” come back. When people start to project themself into the Kate character, it will automatically trigger their suppressed trauma. Of course, first, you need to identify yourself with the protagonist to a certain degree.

How does Homeopathy Work? – Organon IV

How does Homeopathy Work? – Organon IV

If you are a spiritual person, the idea of an afterworld is certainly quite familiar to you, but I want to talk about it scientifically. Because many spiritual notions are distorted by religious dogma. So the concept we need to abstract is a multi-dimensional reality that expands beyond space and time. Even Albert Einstein had to admit that there have to be other realms beyond his time-space-continuum.

Understanding Homeopathy – Organon V

Understanding Homeopathy – Organon V

This is the last article in our “Organon” series in which I want to combine all the puzzle pieces of the previous articles and formulate a coherent analogy of how we can utilize homeopathic remedies to neutralize psychological conflicts and overcome disease. The Creative Homeopathy tries to facilitate a holistic understanding of how emotional trauma creates psychological imprints.

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