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What is the Organon, and why do we need it in the context of Creative Homeopathy? This is the fundamental question I like to answer in the first chapter. The series of articles that begins with this introduction compose their own fundamental treatise of Creative Homeopathy and should be considered an Organon of holistic healing regarding this subdivision. First, I like to start with a fundamental understanding of the historical background of Classical Homeopathy.

What is the Organon?

Samuel Hahnemann’s Organon

When Samuel Hahnemann, the inventor of Classical Homeopathy, started to treat people with his new approach, he wrote a detailed manuscript that defined his work’s basic principles. He called it the “Organon.” For most Homeopaths, this pamphlet became the book of the law. Hahnemann expected every patient to read it in full back in the days, and he was earnest about it. I can only think of it as a form of torture.

The Organon is a nightmare to read!

Samuel Hahnemann wrote the Organon in juristic paragraphs (clause) to underline his seriousness about it. This detail is one reason why many Classical Homeopaths are pretty dogmatic about how they perform their treatments. Even though we find a lot of wisdom in this manuscript, it is not entirely pure. Hahnemann also used it to vent his abhorrence concerning the medical establishment at his time. The worst thing about the Organon is that it is a nightmare to read. Imagine sheer endless sentences culminating in strings of highly complicated wording.

Do it like Hahnemann.

My point is as follows. Suppose it was alright for Hahnemann to torture his patients with the Organon. I should be okay to offer my clients an elaborate explanation of how I understand Creative Homeopathy without having a bad conscience. Whenever you think I am losing myself in detail here, please bear with me and remember it could be worse—I could have given you the original Organon to read.

Teach self-responsibility! Practitioners just assist.

Still, I see Hahnemann’s reasoning. In Homeopathy, the client must understand what I intend to facilitate here. For us, Creative Homeopaths, it is all about self-responsibility! The patient needs to grasp certain principles, and it would make it easier for both of us to write the basic philosophy down to be read repeatedly so we don’t need to sound like a broken record.

Conclusion and outlook


Samuel Hahnemann had good reasons to write his Organon. First, he wanted his patients to understand his new approach. Furthermore, he liked facilitating a sense of self-responsibility by making a conscious choice regarding their treatment rather than blindly trusting “authorities” in white coats. As Creative Homeopaths, we should fully support this endeavor and write our own Organon.

Our organon

Regarding the follow-up articles, I will focus on the various principles of holistic medicine and how “Creative Homeopathy” lives up to the endeavor of approaching human beings and their illnesses holistically. In the next chapter, I will start to dissect the fundamental difference between the allopathic medicine of the current scientific paradigm with the concept of alternative therapy. Specifically, we will focus on the idea that all symptoms are an encrypted message regarding an inner conflict—the communication of the subconscious we call “Symptom Language.”

About the Author

Hi, my name is Christian Köhlert. I am the officially appointed ambassador of Creative Homeopathy according to Antonie Peppler®, and my mission is to introduce this holistic approach and philosophy to the international alternative medicine community. I have written all translations of Antonie’s work on this page. If you have questions, contact our team or make an appointment for a homeopathic online consultation.

Christian Köhlert Ambassador Christian Köhlert

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