The psychological meaning of pertussis

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This is the psychological meaning of whooping cough/pertussis, according to Antonie Peppler, the inventor of Creative Homeopathy, and her analysis of symptom language. Symptom language is the concept that our deeper self communicates via symptoms by somatizing a specific archetypical conflict that is suppressed on a conscious level. The psychological meaning of whooping cough/pertussis is the unconscious attempt to force recognition or be recognized by others.

We refer to this illness also as the “kissing disease.” Once you understand that the patient with pertussis is sick and tired of being friendly/lovely and still not getting the attention he craves, we could also interpret this common name as a general “dis-ease with kissing a**es any longer.”

Homeopathy and whooping cough/pertussis

The patient with whooping cough/pertussis has had enough peaceful imitation and conformity to others. He finally wants to be recognized as his own personality and demands to be accepted by others. But he also sees himself “alone against the rest of the world” and fights (desperately and convulsively) against it.

“The attempt to force recognition”


What has been swallowed and not coped with is now being processed. But the confidence in his own abilities is not yet fully developed. He wants to be accepted for his individuality and “coughs up to others.” You could consider the coughing a form of barking as we see it with dogs that demand attention.

Homeopathic remedies for Pertussis/whooping cough

The psychological meaning of Pertussis remedies

  • Antimonium tataricum = Feeling dependent and not respected.
  • Belladonna = From pent-up, suppressed life force becomes anger
  • Carbo vegetabilis = Life force is not used for healthy self-interest
  • Coccus cacti = The figurehead of the family
  • Corallium rubrum = Not being able to accept or get involved with the otherness of a person
  • Cuprum metallicum = Leaning out of a feeling of weakness
  • Drosera rotundifolia = Wanting to digest what is foreign to the him, having to “harmonize” it
  • Kalium carbonicum = Ignoring one’s own needs
  • Nux vomica = Through overactivity, hiding one’s real feelings
  • Spongia tosta = Desire to create protection for oneself through adaptation

The psychological meaning of infectious diseases

The psychological meaning of Infectious diseases like pertussis, in general, is associated with basic issues and beliefs that a person wants and has to deal with. These are behavioral customs brought along by the family, which can and should be overcome by living through those diseases. This implication also applies to childhood illnesses or pediatric diseases. They indicate that life themes are still being judged and therefore are pathogenic.

Other infectious disease Meanings

Homeopathy for Body & Soul

This article is an excerpt from the book “Homeopathy for Body and Soul” which was written by Antonie Peppler decoding the mental imprints behind the most common symptoms and diseases.

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