The psychological meaning of Cuprum metallicum

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This article is an excerpt from the book “The Psychological Meaning of Homeopathic Remedies” about Cuprum metallicum. This compendium was written by Antonie Peppler, the inventor of Creative Homeopathy, who decoded the most significant treatments and the mental imprints behind common illnesses.

Cuprum Metallicum in HOmeopathy

Typical Indications of Cuprum Metallicum; cupr; Copper

Key Symptoms

the spasms begin by twitching in the fingers and toes ‹sn››› seeks protection, wants to hold on to someone
mental and bodily exhaustion ‹sn››› didn’t use his energy for himself

Additional Selected Symptoms

biting ‹sk››› wants to defend himself
occupation amel. ‹sk››› attempt at distraction, then I don’t have to worry about reality
violent delirium ‹sk››› wants to defend himself without being made responsible for his actions
spits in faces of people ‹sk››› is mad about the dependency and wants to dissolve it
delusion, that he is an officer ‹sk››› longs to be able to decide for himself
cramps, fingers, during parturition ‹sk››› wants to keep the child
half open eyes ‹sk››› looking at it completely doesn’t work
stomach, death-like sensation ‹sk››› did not receive security and protection and is distressed about it
anxiety before cough ‹sk››› fears that his demand for recognition has displeased and that he will lose his security and support
sensation as of cold water poured on head ‹sk››› feels safe and is then confronted with a negative situation
fear, approaching, children cannot bear to have anyone come near them ‹ss››› intimacy is perceived as confining
inelasticity ‹sk››› want to assert his position to others
calf, cramps, on attempting coition ‹sk››› forgot to run away, doesn’t want this form of togetherness
grimaces ‹sk››› doesn’t want to show his true face
destructiveness ‹sk››› existing structures must go

Psychology of Cuprum Metallicum

Actual Life Situation

Bondage.  Leans on others out of feeling weak.  A partner is needed in order to feel safe.  Suppression is often the price for this apparent security.  Feeling of having a ring around his neck, being dependent.  In a situation where one feels confined and imprisoned.   Holds on tight in order to be supported.

Cuprum Metallicum Message

“Have the courage for independence!”

Cuprum Metallicum message
Condition After Taking the Remedy (high potency)

After Cuprum metallicum it becomes evident that the personality thinks it cannot be alone (calc).  It shows a weak feeling of self-esteem (aur) and the need for a strong person that supports it (dulc).  This person is then exalted to the detriment of one’s own development (con) until the situation is bettered.  Through the impulse for self-realization, the personality places the dependency relationship (chin), the lack of joy in life (ferr), and the ignorance of one’s own needs (kali-p) in question.  Cuprum metallicum marks the beginning of a long path to self-responsibility.

“Bondage, leans on others out of feeling weak.”

Correponding imprint of Cuprum Metallicum

The Psychological Meaning
of Homeopathic remedies

This article is an excerpt from the book “The Psychological Meaning of Homeopathic Remedies” which was the first publication of Antonie Peppler decoding the mental imprints behind the 190 most significant treatments in homeopathy. In her 2nd volume, she added another 160 analyses.

You can order “The Psychological Meaning of Homeopathic Remedies – Vol. I” in physical form from Books on Demand (BoD) or as a digital PDF. Also available is Volume II as Books on Demand or PDF download.

The Psychological Meaning of Homeopathic Remedies book by Antonie Peppler mockup


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