The psychological meaning of mononucleosis

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This is the psychological meaning of Pfeiffer’s glandular fever/mononucleosis, according to Antonie Peppler, the inventor of Creative Homeopathy, and her analysis of symptom language—a subconscious communication on the somatic level. The most common manifestation of Pfeiffer’s glandular fever/mononucleosis, an intense swelling of the tonsils and high fever (= anger), already points to the basic theme of the disease: The patient is angry about the disregard for his individuality but does not yet feel strong enough (fever with great weakness) to tackle it directly.

Pfeiffer’s glandular fever – mononucleosis

The patient with Pfeiffer’s glandular fever/mononucleosis has “a throat full” and no longer wants to “swallow” (swelling of the tonsils) what is put in front of him from the outside—meaning external authorities. Pfeiffersches glandular fever stands for not mastered other infectious diseases and vaccination damages. The patient has not sufficiently confronted conflicts, pushed the individualization processes up to this point, and is stuck with old patterns of care and habits.

“The blocked communication process”

Pfeiffer’s glandular fever

It is not without reason that Pfeiffer’s glandular fever or mononucleosis often occurs during puberty or early adulthood, as it is particularly representative of the learning process of standing up for oneself and representing one’s individuality. Patients who experience glandular fever often have lost a parent—usually the father. This can happen through death as well as separation. Such children then deal very early, often too early, with a high potential of responsibility they do not want to carry or believe they cannot bear.

Homeopathy for mononucleosis

The psychological meaning of homeopathic remedies

  • Ailanthus glandulosa = Does not dare to rebel, prefers to suffer
  • Hepar sulfuric = Want to change others, to strengthen one’s own security
  • Hura brasiliensis = Lonely, having lost all friends
  • Lachesis muta = Suppressed individuality
  • Mercurius solubilis = One’s own life force finds no form and is sacrificed for the life force of others
  • Natrium muriaticum = Clinging to what is tried and known
  • Phytolacca decandra = Feels tortured, cries out unsuccessfully
  • Populus tremoloides = Pressure to perform by taking over personal responsibility too early

The psychological meaning of infectious diseases

The psychological meaning of Infectious diseases like mononucleosis, in general, is associated with basic issues and beliefs that a person wants and has to deal with. These are behavioral patterns brought along by the family, which can and should be overcome by living through those infections. This meaning also applies to childhood illnesses or pediatric diseases. They demonstrate that life themes are still being judged and, thus, are still pathogenic.

Other infectious disease Meanings

Homeopathy for Body & Soul

This article is an excerpt from the book “Homeopathy for Body and Soul” which was written by Antonie Peppler decoding the mental imprints behind the most common symptoms and diseases.

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Homeopathy for Body and Soul book by Antonie Peppler mockup

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