The psychological meaning of tetanus

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This article will decode the psychological meaning of tetanus according to the understanding of Antonie Peppler, the inventor of Creative Homeopathy, and her analysis of symptom language. Symptom language is a form of somatic communication—the “soma” and ” body ” express a conflict that the person is unaware of. Accordingly, we prepared a list of related homeopathic remedies that correspond to this mental conflict. The psychological meaning of tetanus is associated with a desperate attachment to a specific goal that is pursued at all costs. We can find this connection in the alternative name of the disease—”lock jaws.”

Tetanus from a homeopathic perspective

For a tetanus patient, suffering and weakness must not become visible to the external world until the disease starts showing internal struggle. The underlying goal is often based on willfulness and the idea of revenge, which is pursued to the bitter end in a “do-or-die” attitude. The condition is based on the urge of a human being to proclaim his or her own will/life, even against all odds, without admitting weakness.

“Clinging tightly to what is possible.”

Tetanus/lock jaws

The own will is valued higher than the emotional realm—rigidity, and cramping in feasibility ideas or fixed concepts. The tetanus patient is stuck in tunnel vision. All lightness is lost. Everything becomes a stern automatism that wants to assert itself. The deeper psychological issue of a tetanus patient presents itself in the morose physical expression. It shows how he, doggedly and engrossed, tries to stifle a specific agenda that causes emotional suffering.

Homeopathic remedies for tetanus

The psychological meaning of tetanus remedies

  • Belladonna = Pent-up and suppressed life force turns into anger
  • Magnesium phosphoricum = The eternal, silent war
  • Nux vomica = Hide one’s real feelings through overactivity
  • Passiflora incarnate = The vision of life needs to be forced
  • Physostigma venenosum = Seeks solution in a desperate situation without changing fixed concepts
  • Stramonium = Panic, long suppressed potential is discharged

The psychological meaning of infectious diseases

Infectious diseases like tetanus, in general, refer to fundamental issues and beliefs that a person wants and must deal with. These are behavioral patterns brought along by the family, which can and should be overcome by living through those illnesses. This purpose also applies to childhood illnesses or pediatric diseases. They indicate that life themes are still being judged and, thus, are still pathogenic.

Other infectious disease Meanings

Homeopathy for Body & Soul

This article is an excerpt from the book “Homeopathy for Body and Soul” which was written by Antonie Peppler decoding the mental imprints behind the most common symptoms and diseases.

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Homeopathy for Body and Soul book by Antonie Peppler mockup

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Hi, my name is Christian Köhlert. I am the officially appointed ambassador of Creative Homeopathy according to Antonie Peppler®, and my mission is to introduce this holistic approach and philosophy to the international alternative medicine community. I have written all translations of Antonie’s work on this page. If you have questions or are looking for homeopathic consultation online, feel free to contact our team.

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