Homeopathy and Sexuality Part I

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Homeopathy and Sexuality is a three-part series of articles written by Antonie Peppler, the inventor of Creative Homeopathy. The first part is about The gender role of the woman and their unlived lust and how it becomes their unleashed power with the help of homeopathy.

Part I: The gender role of the woman – unlived lust becomes power
Part II: The gender role of the woman – compensating life concepts lead to frustration
Part III: The gender role of the man – sexual performance replaces the sense of self-esteem.

Part I: The gender role of the woman
—unlived lust becomes power

Due to the traditional roles and educational models that have softened somewhat today but in earlier times were quite extreme, sexual problems are preprogrammed. With our grandparents, it was still the case that the taboo surrounding sex was so great that most marriages were formed not out of love but for reasons of support or sexual curiosity. By the time the curiosity had been satisfied, the door to the trap had already closed. To still get along with each other, the individualities of both partners were subordinated to certain roles. It was out of role-playing that the most critical fundamental value developed, the principle of the provider.

According to the role assigned to the woman, she had to be married off by the time she was twenty-five. For a woman to be single was improper. She was either considered fair game for anyone or thought to be a witch, or she had to enter a convent to rescue her reputation.

According to the role assigned to the man, his job was to sire a male heir, build a house, and plant a tree. If he was still not married at the age of thirty, he was considered a lone wolf but was accepted and respected in this role.

Gender roles in society and education

A woman, or rather a girl, was educated toward making the best possible “sale.” The “purer” she was the higher her value. The more inexperienced she was, the more certain she would be to take care of her husband without question or criticism. She was prepared for the children, the church, and the kitchen. Humbleness and conforming to the dictates of the masculine role were her first commandment. Furthermore, at least in a catholic upbringing, sexuality could only be lived out to produce children, to “give her husband” a child. The content of the life of the woman was limited to being a loving and caring “baby factory.”

A man or a boy had to perform in a sexual sense. The more “experience” he had, the more attractive and respected he was. A bit of room to play around was acceptable, at least until the marriage. Then he had the duty to provide his family with specific security, especially in a material way. The more he could offer his family, the greater his image was. The man became the protector. His highest endeavor in implementing the role was to have built a safe “nest” that could be perceived all around.

These typical gender roles were organized into a traditional system of support for the family that mostly excluded and development of the individual.

There was no room for pleasure and personal growth in such limited boundaries. Sexuality was also wholly regimented. This led to a division between functional sexuality and voluptuous eroticism. Functional sexuality relates to the need for procreation and the basic necessity of guaranteeing one’s existence and providing for old age. The number of children you had expressed how prepared you were to enjoy your remaining years without care and worries. Lusty eroticism is the expression of individual pleasure and the joy of life. An untroubled lifestyle fosters a high quality of life and erotic moments.

A life burdened by fear activates functional sexuality in the sense of survival instinct. It has been shown that an exceptionally high number of children are conceived in times of war. In and after a war, the women of the enemy are raped as a demonstration of power and dominance. In eroticism, sexuality is pleasure and joy, which is repressed according to gender roles as compensation for the instruments of power.

Sexual disturbances arising
from the woman’s role

The woman or girl that must keep herself pure remains only an idealized fantasy. She will present herself to her dream prince, who carries her in his arms and reads her every wish from her lips. Holding onto such idealizations keeps a girl isolated from reality. The relationship with her parents, who, in their role, have held back the development of her individuality and not allowed it to show itself, does not provide any real help for life but only supports the fantasy and illusion.

The homeopathic remedy for this condition is Antimonium crudum.

The psychological significance of Antimonium crudum:

“Polarity is cruel; doesn’t want anything to do with life’s trials and tribulations.”

Psychological meaning of Antimonium crudum

The following symptoms show the background motives clearly:

Symptoms of Antimonium crudumPsychological significance
idiocy, pulling feathers out of bed ‹ss››› longing for a life of ease
ecstasy, at night, walking in moonlight ‹sk››› longing and hope for harmony, close human contact and wholeness
full of desires for ideal woman (man) ‹ss››› believes in wholeness but is not willing to enter into conflicts on its behalf
love, lovesick ‹sk››› creates illusions, projects his amorous needs onto anyone around
sweets agg. ‹sk››› substitute for love is recognized as deception
loathing, general, in puberty ‹ss››› does not want to take on responsibility for own life because the role models are unbearable

Giving the homeopathic remedy Antimonium crudum in a high potency conveys the message that one’s own personality and individuality are essential, that life is accurate and that the conflict between idealizing and reality cannot be avoided. It becomes clear that you can use your time better than living in a fantasy world.

As a relationship becomes real, or at least more honest, there comes the “great awakening.” The ideal relationship proves to have been a false conclusion. There arise feelings of humiliation, contempt, and a lack of understanding. If – as is often the case – there is no communication between the partners, an inner separation occurs, and the newly found relationship is already inwardly severed.

The great disappointment, often already after the first sexual intercourse, appears frequently in the homeopathic remedy Staphisagria.

The psychological significance of Staphisagria:

“Has cut the inner connection to others, being isolated.”

Psychological meaning of Staphisagria

The following symptoms of Staphisagria show the background motives clearly:

Symptoms of StaphisagriaPsychological significance
delusion, the wife will run away from him ‹sk››› has long since inwardly separated himself
indifference, apathy after masturbation ‹ss››› has reduced his energy level and has let himself fall into resignation again
sensitive, oversensitive to rudeness ‹sk››› indignant about being badly treated even though holding himself back
urination, dysuria, in newly married women ‹sk››› “that was why was I supposed to remain pure?” Angry for not having lived to potential
styes, induration from styes ‹sk››› conflict that she doesn’t want to see anymore has been repressed and encapsulated
weeping, tearful mood, etc. when remonstrated ‹sk››› will not admit to herself or others the decision to distance herself
incised wounds ‹sn››› has distanced herself from something

Giving the homeopathic remedy Staphisagria, in a high potency, conveys the message that it is necessary to maintain an orientation toward one’s own values to be able to walk one’s own life path with joy. The personality may very quickly become aware that it has encapsulated itself. It measured its own worth according to values it had nothing to do with.

As compensation for its own encapsulation, patterns often appear in which the personality defiantly helps others while ignoring its own needs. Aggression was, however, undesirable and could not be shown. Thus it had to be directed towards something else, and since it could not be let out, it was ultimately turned against the self.

Because once she had been joined in marriage, she could not leave it “until death does us part,” the woman had to flee into a state of consciousness where she no longer felt her suffering. The former hope for joy and happiness had to be relinquished. These then transformed themselves in compensation into a more or less strongly disciplined role-play. There arises the homeopathic remedy picture for Platinum metallicum.

The psychological significance of Platinum metallicum:

“Out of hurt places herself above others in order to be inviolable.”

Psychological meaning of Platinum metallicum

The following symptoms of Platinum metallicum show the background motives clearly:

Symptom of Platinum metallicumPsychological significance
egotism, self-esteem ‹sk››› strategy of distraction so that true, wounded personality doesn’t show itself
religious affections alternating with sexual excitement ‹sk››› seeks protection from a higher power or from people so that she doesn’t have to take responsibility for herself
delusion, is a great person ‹sk››› feels inwardly worthless
anxiety, when speaking in company ‹sk››› doesn’t have the courage to take a position
stools adhere to the anus like soft clay ‹sn››› would rather keep her criticisms to herself
chill during urinating ‹sk››› expressing one’s feelings is frustrating

This person has given up trying to express her needs, let alone demand they be met, and has become resigned. She feels so strongly hurt by others that she thinks she cannot bear any further injury. As a result, she retreats into herself and holds her distance from any possibility of new pain.

Platinum is considered a precious metal, and this is just how this person appears to their surroundings – as a valuable decoration that cannot be touched, arrogant and unapproachable. It seems there is an abyss between the personality and its surroundings that cannot be bridged, and with this, warmth and intimacy are no longer possible.

Giving the homeopathic remedy Platinum in a high potency conveys the message that the chance to be close to others is again possible when the emotional hurt that is the cause of this condition is revealed.

The strategies of distraction from the real emotions of the personality now become apparent. She is now again aware of when she flees into distraction so as not to be attacked and thereby injured again. Through the aura of assumed authority and perfection, those around her were given a direction that could not threaten her. At the same time, this meant that closeness could not be felt, and the distance from others grew ever more significant. The only sunshine was the praise that she felt for herself. This, however, could not fulfill the absolute need for warmth that only true emotional intimacy can do.

So that something of the woman’s world of feeling remains, she flees into a harmonious fantasy world where she feels protected. In this case, it is not a naive form of idealizing but rather a clear and distinct concept of harmony. The longing for harmony grows so strong that it must be fulfilled. The personality sees no way out of the existing situation and ultimately flees into its fantasy pictures of harmony. Reality is somehow pressed into these pictures. No matter how reality looks, in actuality, it is made beautiful to be bearable.

We now have the homeopathic remedy Sepia succus.

The psychological significance of Sepia succus:

“The desire for harmony, but it must match her own idea of it.”

Psychological meaning of Sepia succus

The following symptoms of Sepia succus show the background motives clearly:

Symptoms of Sepia succusPsychological significance
is intolerant of contradiction ‹sk››› her concept of things should not be changed
involuntary weeping, tearful mood ‹sk››› excessive pressure from emotions, also strategies of emotional distraction
involuntary urination while laughing ‹sk››› showing one’s feelings carries previously repressed feelings along
avarice ‹sk››› not wanting to let anything out and therefore having to keep everything for oneself, emergency brake
cheerful, gay, mirthful when it thunders and lightnings ‹sk››› inner conflict discharges itself externally, hoping for a solution
teeth, rapid caries, decayed, hollow ‹sk››› willpower destroyed

Giving the homeopathic remedy Sepia in a high potency conveys the message that fantasies are just illusions and it is time to deal with life’s real possibilities. Often enough, especially when natural harmony is lacking entirely in one’s situation in life, the personality falls into a deep hole.

The illusory life plan of the woman could have varying contents. Something was planned and perhaps built for the family at a specific time: this provided solidity and a particular framework. For example, a house was constructed, and plans were laid for several children. This created a goal to strive together as a shared mission in life. The person now lives in an artificially created social unit that must be maintained and defended at any price so that the underlying hurt need not be touched.

It is vital to occupy oneself with externals, consistently achieving new goals to continue to avoid the needed confrontation. As long as the plan has not been reached, she can avoid the issues and continue to dream along.

The homeopathic remedy Bromium correlates to this condition.

The psychological significance of Bromium:

“Everyone is sitting in the same boat, self-serving relationships.”

Psychological meaning of Bromium

The following symptoms of Bromium show the background motives:

Symptom of BromiumPsychological significance
wanting of sexual desire ‹ss››› has lost inner balance, refuses togetherness and security
dreams of coffins ‹sk››› feels already inwardly dead
vertigo while crossing a bridge ‹sk››› doesn’t feel connected to his surroundings
much rattling of mucus during cough ‹sa››› wants acknowledgment for constantly using his energy lovingly and nicely for others
skin eruptions, eczema on elbow ‹sk››› is enraged that he cannot get his way
loss of vision (blindness) evenings while reading ‹sk››› has respected the opinion of others the entire day; now it’s enough
tearing pain, second finger, middle joint ‹sk››› doesn’t want to have to be considerate of others anymore

Giving the homeopathic remedy Bromium in a high potency conveys the message that the personality can rid itself of undesired habits. With this, an utterly illusory framework collapses into itself, for up to now, all activity has taken place within the determined structure. The personality can now see how it actually makes use of its energy and that it only uses it for others. In communication with her partner, she understands that he possibly would not have given any value to achieving the goals – had he been asked.

The growing clichés and the image once formed were merely brushed and groomed. A protected, cozy nest did not exist, for all the energy was spent in the battle surrounding it and not enjoying it. The security and stability held up for the outside world to see led to the living separate lives for reasons of prestige. If all of the goals for life are fulfilled, then there are no more tasks left over. In this case, they must be created artificially.

This process of a woman’s unfulfilled life determined by her sexual role, going on into the midlife changes and old age, and the respective homeopathic remedies will be the content of the following article.

Part II: The gender role of the woman – compensating life concepts lead to frustration

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