The Ability to Relax profoundly

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This article explores the ability to relax from a homeopathic viewpoint. Therefore we investigate the primary inhibitors on the psychological level regarding traumatic imprints or topics related to subliminal stress patterns. Creative Homeopathy recommends various homeopathic remedies suitable for specific individuals, and we like to give a general overview of what indicators to look for to achieve inner peace. 

The importance of Inner Peace

Inner peace and the right amount of exercise are good foundations for stable health. However, achieving harmony in today’s fast-paced world has become increasingly challenging. One way to accomplish this is autogenic training or meditation. But also, in homeopathy, we find a great tool and possibilities to find profound relaxation. However, knowing what drives us and for what motive we do not find appropriate stress relief methods is essential.

Being “driven” and diseases

One of the essential issues of our time is being expected to meet the demands of others at work and also equally in private life. People who cannot separate themselves from these anticipations develop allergies, high blood pressure, heart attacks, and diabetes. These diseases are closely related to internal pressure and often depend on each other.

In consideration of lack of rest and the observation of histamine release in correlation to allergies or even injuries is interesting.

In the homeopathic drug tests of histamine, we find this symptom: “forced march improves.” This manifestation indicates that people need to exercise intensively to relieve their inner pressure. Otherwise, they develop various allergies. There is a reoccurring pattern. We have observed that people who have done a lot of sport and neglected it at some point become obese and materialize multiple allergies.

Typical symptoms of histamine

  • Restlessness while waiting
  • the restlessness drives the person around
  • anxious restlessness
  • breathing problems when taking deep breaths
  • Sweating with weakness
  • Impatience

All these symptoms describe the inner turmoil that is so difficult to resolve. In this case, the underlying allergies should be discovered and treated. Successful therapy will then cause the patient to take on his own responsibility, thus controlling his life independently of others and living in a self-determining manner.

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Homeopathic remedies for being driven

Coca: wanting to reach the highest spiritual goals

Coffea: feeling of guilt towards oneself but not facing the situation

Pediculus: not being able to cope with one’s own limits and those of others

Piper methysticum: worn down by stress due to lack of willingness to change.

Sulfuricum acidum: Hectic to keep suppressed conflicts from becoming apparent

Viola tricolor: rejection triggers hatred

Psychological meanings

From the psychological meanings of the remedies, the motives and causes of being driven also emerge.

The person who needs coca

The person who needs coca has the imprint or belief that he wants to become enlightened in this life, for example, or should manage to avoid another cycle of incarnation, respectively, not come to this earth anymore. With advancing age or an increasing accumulation of suppressed aggression, frustration arises based on the dwindling chances of reaching this rather overly ambitious goal. This is a vicious cycle!

The person who needs Coffea

The person who needs Coffea acts against himself because he wants to reach the love of others. This condition is also a challenging endeavor, which does not succeed and creates inner pressure.

The person who needs Pediculus

The person who needs Pediculus is often born by cesarean section. During “normal” birth, the child passes through the birth canal and thus struggles with the confinement. Cesarean section children, in contrast, are limitless. They have the imprint that anything is possible, that there are no boundaries, and that everything is feasible. This mindset might be an advantage, but on the other hand, entitlement or belief can put a lot of pressure on the individual.

The person who needs Piper methysticum

The person who needs Piper methysticumv needs security and is unwilling to change because transformation is scary. Through shaping hurtful experiences, a status quo has been adopted and should not be jeopardized. Maintaining this status quo puts this individual under pressure.

The person who needs Sulfuricum acidum

The person who needs Sulfuricum acidum has experienced severe physical and mental injuries. Still, the individual avoids any conflict and resolves issues as much as possible. The technique for this is to spread hecticness and haste. If possible, no one in the environment has the chance to address a conflict or initiate a confrontation with the issue, which would be necessary for a resolution. To “conserve” the haste in such a way is exhausting and also creates pressure.

The person who needs Viola tricolor

The person who needs Viola tricolor tries very hard to adapt to others, please others, and be influential in conversions. To achieve this, they take on and harbor the emotions of, for example, parents. They “carry” the burden of others to be accepted and loved. If this is not appreciated, hatred and bitterness develop. Fulfilling these apparent expectations creates pressure.


With the help of these examples, we tried to show that there are many possibilities and approaches to inner serenity with homeopathy. The therapist is challenged to identify the appropriate remedy that corresponds with the individual root of stress-inducing imprints, which requires profound client interrogation.

The original article about profound relaxation was written by Antonie Peppler and translated by Christian Köhlert.

About the Author

Hi, my name is Christian Köhlert. I am the officially appointed ambassador of Creative Homeopathy according to Antonie Peppler®, and my mission is to introduce this holistic approach and philosophy to the international alternative medicine community. I have written all translations of Antonie’s work on this page. If you have questions, contact our team or make an appointment for a homeopathic online consultation.

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