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The following article is a thread from a Facebook group that a friend shared with me. He made his first contact with Creative Homeopathy a few months before, which started a process for him. During this journey, he got into other philosophies which led him to the group that was discussing “Megapotency.” Here is his answer to a question posed by a member who called herself “Hildegard Bingen.”

Post in Megapotency Group

In a thread on a recent post, Hildegard Bingen asked me where I got the mental essence/theme of a remedy. I have been sitting with how to answer/respond to that question. So I’ve created another post to address that question and introduce a work I feel deserves to be shared.

It’s incredible how much my understanding and approach to homeopathy have shifted and changed over the last couple of years. Megapotencies have been a part of that journey. I want to discuss another revolutionary approach I have been delighted to discover.

More than one remedy

When I started studying professionally, I recognized multiple remedies for a case we would take in class (I’m sure you can relate). The teacher would land on the “correct” remedy, but honestly, many felt appropriate to me. I believe I perceived in this way (and have held to the idea of multiple remedies) because of my many years of working with clients with the tools of Evolutionary Astrology and psychosynthesis/parts work.

We are complex beings (and simultaneously simple). The chart points to the many different aspects of who we are. A spiritual teacher once told me that a sign of spiritual maturity is the ability to hold more significant and greater amounts of tension or complexity without collapsing to one single point of view. Another way to state this is that growth is seen in the degree of integration of our internal landscape, our various “parts,” all having a voice and a place at our inner table. As an astrologer, it takes a lot of skill to hold the complexity of a chart’s different “parts” and synthesize them into a cohesive picture, story, and perception of destiny/purpose. Seeing the parts is easy. Creating cohesion and a holistic viewpoint is where the real magic is. The heart is the only place that kind of integration and synthesis can happen. It’s beyond the mind.

Confronted with Creative Homeopathy

As I see it, we are not just one remedy at a time. Many aspects may need support. Intuitively, I recognized that I had a fundamentally different perspective on how to utilize homeopathy, but I had yet to find the missing link to bring the integration that I desired. I figured it would take me years of practice to come to that more profound understanding and integration.
A leap in my understanding happened right after I experienced a breakthrough in my own healing journey. I stumbled across a book by Antonie Peppler entitled, “Homeopathy for Body and Soul.” Here was the confirmation of what I had intuited and felt! I was blown away by the validation and the resonance I felt.

Antonie was a German homeopath who integrated depth psychology, homeopathy, anthroposophy, constellation work (and I’m sure other theories) and created an approach to homeopathy that she called Creative Homeopathy. Early in her homeopathic practice, she recognized that multiple remedies were necessary for a case. She began to see how remedies worked together, supporting the unfolding of the client’s journey…and how much easier it was for the client if multiple remedies were appropriately prescribed (sometimes many — even over 50+). She also saw the importance of high potencies (50M and higher) to be able to quickly move through the defense of the client’s psychological armor (so to speak) and minimize resistance (aggravations).

Giving multiple remedies

She could perceive what might happen to a client if one remedy was given. The energy would open to another state that needed addressing, sometimes very quickly or even instantly. What might be interpreted as an aggravation by a classical homeopath might be the next remedy state on a cascade—dominoes falling one by one and each requiring informational/energetic support with a unique/new remedy. A traditional approach to the case might simply slow down the process and prolong the client’s suffering. With a deeper understanding of the psychological unfolding, multiple remedies could be selected for the individual to support this unraveling process.

An analogy I like to make is of a leaking dam. You’ve probably seen cartoons of characters attempting to plug a leak with a finger. What happens then? Another point of weakness emerges, and another point of leaking. Pretty soon, the character is using all available body parts to hold back the inevitable bursting of the dam. It’s usually a hilarious scene. And I believe it speaks to what can often happen when an appropriate remedy is given. Immediately, innate intelligence shifts to address the next area of weakness. But will the mixture’s informational nature support this subsequent demand of the vital force? Creative Homeopathy seems to allow for a quickening of evolution by providing a multifaceted approach to supporting the vital force in healing (with multiple remedies). And it appears that the later writings of Hahnemann (only available in German, apparently) elucidated his own use of numerous remedies at a time.

At the time of my discovery of Antonie’s work, I had already been using many remedies for myself, as intuitively I felt I needed them. Yes, I had used all of Jill’s megapotency remedies and seen some fantastic growth and healing. But I still needed further support—or a different approach. Once I created and began taking my first “constellation remedy” (as I call them now), I felt more supported than I had ever felt with homeopathy. It was pretty startling and a welcome relief.

Davids first contact with me

Antonie taught in German. However, German is not the language I speak. Most of her many books are in German. There are 4 of her books I have found in English, and I have devoured all of them. I have also spoken and consulted with her student, Christian Köhlert, her English ambassador. I pray that more of her work and philosophy will be available in English one day. If you speak German, I’d highly recommend diving in more.

I have begun utilizing “constellation remedies” with clients and noticed beautiful unfolding and support. For those who have knowledge of homeopathy, it can be a leap to open to taking many remedies in high potency all at once—and daily or twice daily at that. One of the things I’ve noticed with the clients I have used this approach with is a speeding up of internal psychological awareness and growth. The constellation remedy becomes such a powerful “mirror” or feedback for the psyche. It beautifully supports internal empowerment and evolution.

Letting go of fear

While I’m not “trained” by Antonie, I do feel my unique experiences and skills have prepared me for absorbing this way of approaching homeopathy. It resonates very deeply, and I have a much deeper trust in homeopathy and the healing process as a result. A lot of the fear of giving the “wrong” remedy is just gone now. I support the vital force as best I can, and I trust that my innate intelligence will provide me with feedback on where further support is required. I’m finding it more accessible than the traditional approach. Creating the constellation remedy does take time—and this is where radionics can be beneficial!

That all being said, here are a few short examples of Antonie Peppler’s understanding of remedies to give you a taste:

  • Alumina — Lacks a personal point of view, does not demand respect for one’s own position. Whatever you do, don’t offend. “Demand Your Place!”
  • Arnica — Withdraws feeling hurt, escapes into isolation. Shifts everything to the rational level. “Recognize in your hurts the part of yourself that has not been loved!”
  • Coffea cruda — Feelings of guilt but does not confront the situation. Guilt because individuality is not being lived out. Expects to be punished; thinks has committed a terrible deed. Acts against own interests. “To your own self be true!”
  • Helleborus niger — I don’t want to do it alone. Holding onto mother’s apron strings; afraid of the big bad world. Dances to another’s tune. Suffers under the suppression of his own potential. “Try it once without someone taking your hand!”
  • Hypericum perforatum — Remains in the pain of sorrow. Can’t let go of old sufferings. Exhausted from being overly careful. Wants support. “Free yourself from old suffering and become conscious of the present!”
  • Iodium — Does not feel nourished or loved. Consequences of a life with people of a different wavelength. Cannot swallow the fact that he doesn’t express his needs (thyroid problems). “Love yourself, stop the manipulation!”
  • Opium — In between conscious and subconscious. Conflicts are repressed into the subconscious in order to be able to go on living unhindered. Symbolizes death and rebirth. “Open yourself to the subconscious realm and win back your fixed and predetermined potentials!”
  • Spigelia anthelmia — Breach of trust, the stab in the back; betrayal. Has trusted someone more than oneself. Becomes so shaken up that self-confidence is lost and one accommodates to others. “Trust your inner voice and your intuition!”

Hopefully, you are getting a sense of the value of Antonie’s revolutionary work. I highly recommend you check out her works (I’ll post some links below). Christian Köhlert is Antonie’s English ambassador of Creative Homeopathy. He has created a website with a lot of articles and information to give you more of a taste of Creative Homeopathy, if you desire to know more.
Thank you for taking the time to read this. Here’s to joy on your journey!

About the Author

Hi, my name is Christian Köhlert. I am the officially appointed ambassador of Creative Homeopathy according to Antonie Peppler®, and my mission is to introduce this holistic approach and philosophy to the international alternative medicine community. I have written all translations of Antonie’s work on this page. If you have questions, contact our team or make an appointment for a homeopathic online consultation.

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