What helps with Heartbreak?

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What helps with heartbreak? The usual answer is “Time heals all wounds,” but those who suffer from lovesickness sometimes hear this phrase all too often. Not infrequently, lovesickness is dismissed as a luxury problem—a whim that will pass. It is the heartache that clouds our minds. But this does not help those who suffer from severe lovesickness. Studies show that severe mental and physical effects are often massively underestimated. As a practitioner of Creative Homeopathy in Montreux, I support you in giving your feelings space and overcoming life crises.

symptoms caused by lovesickness

Great heartbreak means absolute stress for the body and mind. It by no means takes place only on an abstract mental level, which we do not have to take seriously, but can substantially affect our organism. It has been known for several years that lovesickness sometimes even ends fatally.

Knife pierces heart

Behind the so-called “broken heart” are primarily stress hormones that cause the coronary vessels to tighten, leading to a poor blood supply to the heart muscle and triggering infarct-like symptoms—in rare cases, with a fatal outcome.

And it is also known that cancers frequently occur after unprocessed separations. It is considered that the immune system is massively weakened by prolonged emotional stress.

sorrow, pain, melacholy, letdown, sadness, grief, heatbroken, agony, anguish, loss, breakup

Disease after breakup

In my practice for homeopathy in Montreux, I have already seen several people suddenly additionally burdened by a threatening illness after an involuntary separation from their life partner. Sentences like these I have often heard from patients:

“I thought something like this would happen…”

But even less dramatic consequences can become a test of endurance for body and mind. People with severe heartbreak often complain of nausea, diarrhea, headaches, dizziness, or even shortness of breath and panic attacks.

Often, it is the psychological consequences that pose the greatest danger. Many of those affected describe depression and listlessness to the point of self-abandonment and suicidal thoughts or aggressive impulses towards the ex-partner. This tendency is that no one should be left to their own devices.

What helps with lovesickness?

If you are suffering from severe heartbreak that has already lasted for several weeks or even months, the most important thing is to find the strength to find someone to talk to. Your ex-partner is not the right choice. If you do not want to lose this person entirely from your life, you should respect the decision that has been made.

Pressuring the other person—whether by fighting, cajoling, pleading, or begging—almost always has the opposite effect and robs you of energy, dignity, and self-respect. Friends and family members often provide an excellent first opportunity as soul comforters, but they sometimes stand in the way of a real solution with their unconditional desire to help.

Understanding and resolving the problem that led to the breakup and the crisis triggered alone often takes more effort than we might think.

Lonely girl on bench. Heatsickness and broken heart leads to depession.
Heartsickness leads to depression.

Empathic stabilization and neutral support

An empathetic stabilization phase should be followed as soon as possible by an unsparing look at issues beneath the surface. For example, separations from primary caregivers in childhood, often unconscious, and the related attachment fears, despair, and grief, can be reactivated by a break in adulthood.

It can be helpful to seek neutral support from the outside. As a non-medical practitioner specializing in psychotherapy and couples therapy, I accompany and counsel people in life crises. In my practice in Montreux, you will find a protected space where all your thoughts and feelings can find a place. Together we get to the bottom of how your breakup came about and why letting go is so tricky.

We find ways to make the present more bearable and turn our gaze from the past back to the future. Based on a detailed anamnesis, it is possible to determine which physical symptoms are caused by heartbreak stress. Holistic therapy methods often offer an excellent alternative to conventional medications, which sometimes only relieve symptoms and have undesirable side effects.

Homeopathic remedies for heartbreak

The more profound psychological disposition why one person suffers more from attachment issues than another is complex. This topic needs a deeper homeopathic investigation to find the root of this condition and pick suitable remedies to facilitate a process of individuation. This is where you might need the support and guidance of a professional practitioner. This may lead you to Montreux, Switzerland, or online consultation, but I recommend homeopathic remedies to find short-term relief.

Homeopathy for heartsickness/heartbreak

Pulsatilla for The Abandoned Heart

The nature of Pulsatilla deems that there is never enough tenderness. There can never be enough hugs or kisses, not enough snuggles, and never enough time together. Your worst fear is being deserted by the person you love. You feel dumped and cry every day, and you want someone to put their arm around you, soothe you, and take care of you.

Natrum muriaticum for The Unrequited Heart

The heart of Natrum muriaticum yearns for the love that they can never have. You may long for a past connection that you feel was the true “love of your life” or an unattainable love like a film star. Your love is always unanswered. The grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence. You live in the past, wishing for the boyfriend you broke up with years ago, or live in the future dreaming of the perfect relationship that may never be.

You cry in private, alone, not wanting anyone to comfort or console you – that only makes you feel worse. You have the disposition to be depressed and timid. You are very artistic and graceful and always look put together.

Ignatia for The Grieving Heart

The heart of Ignatia is grieving and in emotional shock after losing a loved one. You may sometimes become frantic with changeable moods—sobbing one moment and laughing uncontrollably the next. You have waves of anxiety with pulsations and often feel a bulge in your throat. You sigh frequently and may feel it’s difficult to catch your breath. You are easily irritated and can lash out angrily.

Everything bothers you now, especially odors—like the smell of your friend’s tea even though you’re drinking your own tea. Like Natrum muriaticum, you don’t like consolation and prefer to cry alone. You feel worse talking about or thinking about your sorrows but immediately feel better and forget about your grief if someone can divert you.

Lachesis for The Jealous Heart

Lachesis works great on jealousy. Your enviousness can drive you to lash out in anger, verbally and physically. You are super talkative; sometimes, getting a word in edge-wise can be challenging. You are becoming quite pessimistic. You can alternate between periods of euphoria, giddiness, and almost feeling manic, talking a mile-a-minute to feeling depressed and wanting to be left isolated.

Staphisagria The wounded Heart

The heart of Staphisagria has to suppress its wrath and resentment after being humiliated. You may have been cheated on, physically, verbally abused, or even raped; you feel wounded and want to hide from it. You are generally peaceful and kind, but either you have no outlet for your anger or feel that you need to conceal your emotions, which can cause you to have occasional explosive angry gushes. Your suppressed anger can manifest as physical symptoms such as styes, itchy skin, and urinary tract infections.

Aurum metallicum for self-love

The heart of Aurum metallicum is in deep despair from disappointed love and grief based on missing self-love. You may seek prayer and meditation to relieve your pain. You can alternate between vibrancy and almost manic happiness to deep dark depression and seclusion to sudden fevers and explosive anger. In the depths of your despair, you may even consider harming yourself.

Regain inner stability

The goal of the consultation in my practice for homeopathy and psychotherapy in Montreux is not only to cope with the current crisis but to strengthen your powers of resistance to difficult life situations. As you may have already observed in your environment, people deal with heartbreak differently.

But reacting with calmness, level-headedness, and even optimism sometimes needs to be learned and depends a lot on how you shape your life regardless of past and future relationships. Together we will find an individual path that suits you and does you good.

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