The psychological meaning of Ignatia amara

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This treatise is a passage from the book “The Psychological Meaning of Homeopathic Remedies” regarding Ignatia amara. The double-volume compendium was written by Antonie Peppler, the founder of Creative Homeopathy, who psychologically analyzed the most meaningful remedies and the mental imprints behind common illnesses.

Ignatia amara in homeopathy

Typical Indications of Ignatia amara; ign; St. Ignatius Bean

  • spastic cephalalgia = spastic headache
  • sensation of lump in throat
  • laughing/crying cramps
  • melancholia = depression
  • biting the tongue

Key Symptoms

the remedy of great contradictions ‹sa››› an attempt to set oneself apart from those dominating
moody ‹sa››› doesn’t want to act against himself any longer
long-concentrated grief ‹sa››› is defiant against necessary changes
oversensitive to pain ‹sn››› has acted decidedly against his own interests

Additional Selected Symptoms

ailments after mortification ‹sk››› doesn’t give himself enough importance
brooding ‹sk››› seeks a way out
hysteria ‹sk››› is helpless because he feels no one understands him
involuntarily laughing ‹sk››› lets himself be pressured by others into commitments
ailments from disappointed love ‹sk››› cannot stand himself and has committed himself to a wrong goal
sighing ‹sk››› longs for change without having to do something for it
quarrelsome ‹sk››› compensates for suppressed feelings
is intolerant of contradiction ‹sk››› is not really behind the things he represents
headache, from grief ‹sk››› seeks for rational solutions and for being able to express his needs
convulsions, after punishment ‹ss››› holds back revenge
contradictory and alternating states ‹sk››› is only active for others and doesn’t know anymore whom he should follow
burning corns ‹sk››› something is happening that prevents him from seeing his own path and traveling it
biting cheek when talking or chewing ‹sk››› because he feels suppressed, he reworks and articulates everything only so that he doesn’t have to show his true face
irritation in air passages increases the more one coughs ‹sk››› the stronger he demands recognition, the angrier he gets over the form of communication
refuses to eat ‹sk››› cannot process any further information

The psychology of Ignatia amara

Actual Life Situation

The paradox. Through great suppression, an emotion becomes its opposite. Hysterical grief is the release of an emotional blockage. Doing the opposite of that which one would like to do. Smiling instead of attacking the others, which is what the actual inner impulse is.

Remedy Message (high potency)

“Show your real feelings and hurts!”

Message of Ignatia amara

Condition After Taking Ignatia amara

After Ignatia amara the old hurts become more visible (arn, camph) or threatening (nux-m), against which the personality is defiant (cham). The real feelings (nux-v) are hidden behind a false harmony (sep) or the helper syndrome (cocc)

Through great suppression an emotion becomes its opposite.”

Corresponding imprint of Ignatia amara

The Psychological Meaning
of Homeopathic remedies

This article is an excerpt from the book “The Psychological Meaning of Homeopathic Remedies” which was the first publication of Antonie Peppler decoding the mental imprints behind the 190 most significant treatments in homeopathy. In her 2nd volume, she added another 160 analyses.

You can order “The Psychological Meaning of Homeopathic Remedies – Vol. I” in physical form from Books on Demand (BoD) or as a digital PDF. Also available is Volume II as Books on Demand or PDF download.

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