The psychological meaning of scarlet fever

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This treatise will decrypt the psychological meaning of scarlet fever, according to Antonie Peppler, the inventor of Creative Homeopathy, and her analysis of symptom language. Symptom language is a form of somatic communication in which the body expresses a conflict that the person is not consciously aware of. Also, we prepared a list of related homeopathic remedies regarding scarlatina. The psychological meaning of scarlet fever is associated with the firm belief that life is suffering.

Scarlet fever from a homeopathic perspective

Scarlet fever patients often have feelings of loneliness, helplessness, and isolation, which have so far been compensated by adaptation to a group. This suppression of individuality causes suffering, which has so far been taken for granted. The individual with scarlet fever often adopted a family or karmic imprint in the manner of “he who suffers goes to heaven,” or he accepted the victim role at some point. Rebellion, on the other hand, causes a painful feeling of isolation. If this step is nevertheless dared, it triggers an individualization process and personality development.

“Life is suffering!”

Scarlet fever

Children with multiple scarlet fever diseases urgently want to break free from despair and adapt to the role of their families. The child itself does not want to bear and carry the parental or family imprint of suffering anymore.

Homeopathic remedies for scarlet fever

The psychological meaning of scarlatina remedies

  • Ailanthus glandulosa = Does not dare to rebel, prefers to suffer
  • Barium muriaticum = Feeling of total powerlessness
  • Belladonna = Pent-up, suppressed life force becomes anger
  • Euphorbium officinarium = Detached from the whole, the pain of separation
  • Petroselinum sativum = My mother does not love me
  • Phytolacca decandra = Feels tortured, cries out unsuccessfully

The psychological meaning of infectious diseases

Infectious diseases like scarlatina, in general, refer to fundamental issues and sentiments that a person wants and must deal with. These are behavioral customs conveyed along by the family, which can and should be overcome by living through those infections. This purpose also applies to childhood illnesses or pediatric diseases. They are expressions of which life themes are still being judged and thus are still pathogenic.

Other infectious disease Meanings

Homeopathy for Body & Soul

This article is an excerpt from the book “Homeopathy for Body and Soul” which was written by Antonie Peppler decoding the mental imprints behind the most common symptoms and diseases.

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Homeopathy for Body and Soul book by Antonie Peppler mockup

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Hi, my name is Christian Köhlert. I am the officially appointed ambassador of Creative Homeopathy according to Antonie Peppler®, and my mission is to introduce this holistic approach and philosophy to the international alternative medicine community. I have written all translations of Antonie’s work on this page. If you have questions or are looking for homeopathic consultation online, feel free to contact our team.

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