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This article is a section from the book “The Psychological Meaning of Homeopathic Remedies” regarding Dulcamara. The double-volume collection was authored by Antonie Peppler, the founder of Creative Homeopathy, who psychologically investigated the most potent remedies and the mental imprints behind common illnesses.

Dulcamara as a homeopathic remedy

Typical Indications of Dulcamara; dulc; Bitter-sweet

  • tendency to catch a cold
  • ailments following cold damp weather
  • pain in joints
  • cystitis

Key Symptoms

complaints cause or aggravated by change of weather from warm to cold ‹sn››› as soon as he is reminded of his frustration, he imagines his drama enacting externally
after taking cold the neck gets stiff, back painful, and limbs lame, or the throat gets sore and quinsy results, with stiff tongue and jaws; the tongue may even become paralyzed ‹sn››› an active response and communication are rejected due to a deep hurt to his personality

Additional Selected Symptoms

twitching lips, in cold air ‹sk››› would like to express a thought that is frustrating him
sleep, disturbed by fear of the future ‹sk››› doesn’t permit himself any solution of the conflict because he’d rather remain supported
stiffness, cervical region, from washing ‹sk››› through the attempt to clarify the situation, it is recognized that an adopted way of thinking doesn’t permit for his needs
stretched out hand, as if to grasp something ‹sk››› the desire for support may not be clearly expressed
large warts, hand ‹sk››› deep emotional wounds warn against working actively for his own well-being
colors before the eyes, black spots, morning, on waking ‹sk››› is blind to a part of his life
ear pain, with nausea ‹sk››› not being able to listen to your inner voice is upsetting and painful
coryza, annual (hay fever) in August ‹sk››› enraged that he has not lived out his creativity and has not reaped any results of his own
nausea, during desire for stool ‹sk››› the disgust leads to not expressing criticism and only involuntarily parting from useless things
ailments from suppressed mucous secretions ‹sk››› not being able to freely open oneself emotionally has bad consequences
sensitive, hyperesthesia, thigh ‹sk››› proximity of the parents is perceived as threatening
anxiety, on vomiting ‹sk››› a nauseous situation makes him want to throw up but he is afraid to clarify things
weeping, from impatience ‹sk››› doesn’t express feelings and hopes that the situation passes soon
stretching, morning, on waking ‹sk››› has decided to do his need justice this day and to be upright in his dealings
dropsy, painful ‹sk››› the suppression of feelings hurts

Psychology of Dulcamara

Dulcamara Life Situation

The individual resonating with Dulcamara often believes that uuthority figures may not be questioned or criticized. He lives in a “Wet-cold” life situation. His feeling for life is characterized by: “something isn’t right,” but the person not being allowed to question it without putting one’s support system in danger.

Remedy Message of Dulcamara (high potency)

“Question the situation and see the possibility of defending yourself or living your own life!”

Message of Dulcamara

Condition After Taking the Remedy (high potency)

After Dulcamara, it becomes evident that the personality is beginning to question something dominating in its surroundings. It could be a dominating person or a retarding situation. Because of this dominance, it finds itself in a frustrating situation that nonetheless gives it security. The lack of a strong personality (cupr), an inner center (caps), and inner certainty call for support. One’s own personal structure needs to be recognized and stabilized (merc, merc-s) and more importance is given to one’s needs (kali-c, kali-s).

“Authority figures may not be questioned.”

Corresponding imprints of Dulcamara

The Psychological Meaning
of Homeopathic remedies

This article is an excerpt from the book “The Psychological Meaning of Homeopathic Remedies” which was the first publication of Antonie Peppler decoding the mental imprints behind the 190 most significant treatments in homeopathy. In her 2nd volume, she added another 160 analyses.

You can order “The Psychological Meaning of Homeopathic Remedies – Vol. I” in physical form from Books on Demand (BoD) or as a digital PDF. Also available is Volume II as Books on Demand or PDF download.

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