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How does Homeopathy work? This question is a fundamental challenge regarding all related alternative therapies like radionic or Bach Flowers. Before we go deep into advanced physical models and theories, I need to summarize how we came here in our “Organon of the Creative Homeopathy” series of articles.

First, we looked at how trauma creates psychological imprints in our subconsciousness. I gave a couple of examples, like the scenario of losing a beloved person, which is a prevalent issue. Within this example, I showed how the subsequent imprints could have a pathological impact on our lives and inhibit us from unfolding our full potential. We could consider these imprints as noxious programs in our operating system—to use a technical analogy. So, how can homeopathy help us to get rid of these inhibitors?

The Homeopathic Solution

Tools to identify Programs

Understanding those noxious programs on the mind level might be helpful, but it hardly speeds up the process of deep integration. The mind is not that easily impressed by wise words. The ego needs a vivid experience of the theoretic concept to integrate this new understanding. Therefore, we need to repeat a specific trauma, and we have to prove to ourselves tangibly that we can change ourselves and handle things differently.

In Creative Homeopathy, we use the first two pillars to identify the central conflict. Looking back to the top of the first part, those pillars are “Syptome Language” and “In-depth Psychology.” After we have pinned down the problem, we all need to find the responding homeopathic remedies. To achieve that, we Creative Homeopaths use potent tools like various encyclopedias written by Antonie Peppler and a very sophisticated software called HomeoLog.

Neutralizing Noxious Programs With Homeopathy

You probably will ask yourself how these homeopathic remedies help us overcome specific imprints or trauma. At least that would be my last puzzler to challenge my Creative Homeopath if I would consider giving this form of therapy a chance. That question is a tricky one, indeed. You can probably ask ten different homeopaths and get ten different answers depending on their holistic perspective of reality and their respective interdisciplinary knowledge. I will give you my best explanation without making it too complicated. At least, I will try.

Homeopathy from a Scientific Perspective

Multi-Dimensional Reality is trippy – Even for Einstein.

If you are a spiritual person, the idea of an afterworld is undoubtedly quite familiar to you. Still, I want to talk about it scientifically because many spiritual notions are distorted by religious dogma. So the concept we need to abstract is a multi-dimensional reality that expands beyond space and time. Even Albert Einstein had to admit that there must be other realms beyond his time-space-continuum.

When quantum physics challenged his scientific model, he had to deal with phenomena like quantum entanglement. Even for Einstein, this was so bizarre that he initially called it a “spooky remote effect.” Later he conducted his own experiments with two fellow scientists and renamed the “spooky effect” into Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Paradoxon or, in short, EPR-Paradox.

Quantum Entanglement is Interconnectivness.

Einstein had to admit that two elementary particles could be entangled—they become interconnected on a deeper level. If that happens, those quantum particles can be separated as far as possible, and still, they will mirror precisely the spin of each other. They will act complementary.

In Quantum Physics, we also talk about “Non-Locality.”

Imagine one particle on one side of the Milkyway and the other on the opposite side to give you a better picture. Now we force one of them to spin differently. We will see now that the sister particle will change its spin without delay. How is that possible? How can the other particle get the information instantaneously when, according to Einstein, the speed of light is the Universe’s fastest possible movement for passing on an impulse?

Understanding higher-dimensional Properties

According to this very EPR-Paradox, there has to be a mechanism for exchanging information without any physical causality—but how? The answer is pretty simple. There must be higher dimensions beyond space and time. Physicists like Emile Charon or Burkhard Heim used models of higher dimensions very elegantly. They needed higher dimensions anyhow to calculate the masses of the elementary particles. Biologists like Rupert Sheldrake also saw the necessity for such a new model. He recognized a form of communication beyond the physical realm within the behavior of living beings. He calls it the Morphic Field.

Rupert Sheldrake talks about Morphic Fields.

I don’t want to go too deep into the scientific models, but the longer we look, the more we see an “Information Realm” outside of space and time. This is a relatively new paradigm in science, but we can’t explain specific phenomena in this reality without a multi-dimensional approach. Nevertheless, in various spiritual disciplines, this is just old news. All mystic traditions talk about the notions of a world that lies beyond this physical realm. People in all epochs experienced astral traveling and telepathy. They describe an “Akasha Chronic” or “Akashic Records” where all information is stored eternally.

Nassim Haramein is talking about Information Fields.

You can’t grasp Homeopathy without Quantum Physics.

I don’t care from which direction you approach this topic, as long as it is not a solely religious one. The crucial point is that you will never understand how Homeopathy works without a proper model that exceeds space-time. You definitely won’t find any mechanistic understanding from a purely materialistic 4D perspective or what I call a Cartesian point of view.

Information Space and Homeopathy

Hyperdimensional Mechanism

This hyperdimensional “Information Space” is the genuine playground of Homeopathy. This is the only logical explanation if you look for causality and a mechanism of how highly diluted remedies work. From a scientific standpoint limited by Einstein’s time-space-continuum model of reality, I would conclude just like the many physicians and “scientists” that condemned Homeopathy as charlatanry, or at best, the workings of a placebo effect. Of course, I see a broader spectrum in science, and I can recognize the tremendous impact of Creative Homeopathy with my own eyes.

Look Beyond Einstein’s Model of Reality!

Now that I have established the concept of an information realm based on higher dimensions where information is passed on very elegantly, I want to return to our first example concerning attachment trauma from my previous articles. As I mentioned before, the only way to overcome trauma is to repeat it to a certain extent and prevail in dealing with it differently.

We subconsciously instigate and restage the same loops of events in the physical world, but there is another way to come to the same deliverance. Instead of repeatedly reliving the same traumatic challenge in the physical world, we relocate this process of repetition to be exercised on a subconscious level. Therefore, we are using homeopathic remedies.

Homeopathy is like learning in the dream world.

Every Remedy Represents An Archetype in Homeopathy

The theory behind homeopathic remedies is like this: every substance in the physical world is associated with an archetypical situation. As Einstein would call it, it’s like quantum entanglement—a spooky remote effect. Each unique element in nature reflects a specific life situation, quality, or conflict. We find this very idea in the hermetic principles and various ancient wisdom teachings. Hence, every homeopathic remedy has its respective indications and mirrors a related psychological situation.

Do you remember I stated that “symptoms are a secret language of the unconscious mind” in part 2 of this series? If you will, the known typical indications of a homeopathic remedy are just a collection of specific symptoms—a defined but encrypted testimony of the soul’s psychological conflicts.

Natrium muriaticum represents the Titanic Archetype

Now we finally come back to our classic trauma of letting go of a beloved person—the attachment imprint, if you will. One of the typical homeopathic remedies associated with that specific topic is Natrium muriaticum. The pure information of Natrium muriaticum is “entangled” with an archetypical situation stored inside the information realm beyond space and time.

In other words, whenever an individual consumes a homeopathic remedy, it virtually connects itself with this archetypical information located inside the Akasha Chronic, or information space or whatever you want to call it—the realm beyond space and time. We subconsciously confront an archetypical principle by taking a homeopathic sugar pill. Each dose triggers an internal process we usually enact in the physical world. In essence, it is a kind of shortcut.

Homeopathic Conclusion

I hope this article could shed some light on the mysterious workings of Information Medicine and homeopathy specifically. There are many more documentaries in our media section on our website if you would like a more profound understanding. After we showed the whole line of causality, beginning with illness and disease caused by inner conflicts; how inner conflicts are based on psychological imprints; how physical imprints are caused by unprocessed trauma; we finally arrived at how information medicine, like homeopathy, repeats the root trauma on an unconscious level to neutralize it using advanced physical models to explain the mechanism.

In my last article in this series, I like to combine all the puzzle pieces and conclude our Organon of the Creative Homeopathy. It will finally summarize the profound understanding of health and disease from the point of view of Hermetic Philosophy.

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About the Author

Hi, my name is Christian Köhlert. I am the officially appointed ambassador of Creative Homeopathy according to Antonie Peppler®, and my mission is to introduce this holistic approach and philosophy to the international alternative medicine community. I have written all translations of Antonie’s work on this page. If you have questions, contact our team or make an appointment for a homeopathic online consultation.

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  1. Bruce Jessop

    Hi Christian. Very interesting and very nicely and systematically put together. I will have to re-read again as that is a lot of data. There are many interesting possibilities. It’s a huge topic with many outcomes but essentially they all point in the same direction. Is this website available in German? I have a good friend medical doctor that uses homeopathy as a part of her protocols. She is also quite well versed with the teachings of Byron Katie and combines this knowledge with other tools. One point I would have to question is your comment that the “akhashic” records being “beyond space and time”. Any information at any level is within the dualistic field. What is beyond space and time is Formless Infinity and as consciousness is present as non attached witness.

    • Christian Köhlert

      Hello Bruce, thanks for your elaborated reply. Indeed, it is a lot of data to digest. Still, it is also quite simple once you understood the interconnectedness of body, mind, and soul. There is a German website I can point you to, which

      Best regards


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