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This is the last article in our “Organon” series. I want to combine all the puzzle pieces of the previous articles and formulate a coherent analogy of how we can utilize homeopathic remedies to neutralize psychological conflicts and overcome disease. Creative Homeopathy tries to facilitate a holistic understanding of how emotional trauma creates psychological imprints, the root cause of all pathological somatizations. In this context, I mentioned that behind every “stuff,” from metal to organic, lies a specific piece of archetypical information.

Repeating Cycles Subconsciously

Movies And Homeopathy Are Nonphysical Information

I want to use an analogy to make the abstract multi-dimensional world as understandable as possible. We can describe a homeopathic remedy as something immaterial, like a Youtube link, if you consider the sugar a mere carrier like a CD. The homeopathic information itself has no substance, just like a mere URL link has no substance content-wise, but both principles lead us to experience particular messages.

Symbolically speaking, whenever a person is confronted with Natrium muriaticum in the form of a homeopathic remedy, they are linked to a YouTube clip of the movie Titanic from chapter number 3. The only difference is that the homeopathic process takes place in the individual’s subconsciousness, and it’s not exactly this movie but rather an archetypical kind of essential experience.

You could understand Homeopathy as a virtual bypass.

Instead of repeating a similar event repeatedly, we repeat the underlying core principle in our subconsciousness. That works much quicker, preventing us from suffering in the physical world. Something that easily could take lifetimes to experience can be established in a much shorter time.

It depends on the individual how long it needs, but the effect is pretty profound. Imagine you repeatedly watch the Titanic clip I showed you before. After a certain number of views, the emotional intensity will eventually lose its energetic charge. More and more, the judgment of good or bad will vanish. Ultimately, it will be just another act that the ONE experienced through itself. From the singularity perspective, everything is equally the same as we know.

Repetition Leads To Neutralization

Back to the Titanic Analogy

The more we repeat the traumatic situation, the less we will judge it. We will accept it as what it is—an experience like we had many before—a challenge in life that pushed us to become a more courageous, advanced, and evolved next evolution of ourselves. There we can find the neutralization of the imprint we are looking for all the time. Eventually, we might have the inner epiphany to understand that the individual lives we usually take so seriously are staged plays like the movie Titanic.

We will see that we, as Souls, are actors, just like Leo and Kate, and we will have many more possibilities to make movies together further down the road. Eventually, we might even understand the singularity of the divine self, but that would mean enlightenment and the end of the game. Maybe that is too much to ask for from Creative Homeopathy, but this tool can help tremendously on the way to such sublime realizations.

The goal is to detach yourself from the Illusion.

We have already made a big step if we achieve a stable balance. The goal is to become as liberated and self-contained as possible. As a Creative Homeopath, I help facilitate that process by offering my perspective and guidance, but I am just assisting. Liberation is a matter of self-responsibility and self-work. We all created the maze we find ourselves in with our own hands.

Therefore, our holy mission is to free our real being from the haze of deception, ignorance, and forgetfulness. In my experience, Creative Homeopathy can be a compelling asset if it is used wisely.

Final Conclusion

Now we went through the whole line of causality: how trauma causes judgment, how judgment creates a psychological imprint, how this imprint leads to an inner conflict, how this internal conflict, if not addressed, will lead to external somatization, and finally, how we neutralize it. Removing the judgment from experience, which we call trauma, is tricky. Usually, we do it by repetition, but we have a powerful tool that can speed up the process enormously with homeopathic remedies.

If you want to learn more about Information Medicine and how it works, check out our Media Library. We have a nice collection of mind-blowing documentaries and further articles that discuss the practical implementation of the principles we presented with our Organon of Creative Homeopathy.

About the Author

Hi, my name is Christian Köhlert. I am the officially appointed ambassador of Creative Homeopathy according to Antonie Peppler®, and my mission is to introduce this holistic approach and philosophy to the international alternative medicine community. I have written all translations of Antonie’s work on this page. If you have questions, contact our team or make an appointment for a homeopathic online consultation.

Christian Köhlert Ambassador Christian Köhlert


  1. David

    I really enjoyed this series on Creative Homeopathy Organon — so much resonated for me and lines up with my own experience with homeopathy and my contemplations of it.

  2. David Chitara

    [2nd paragraph under “You Could Understand Homeopathy as a Virtual Bypass”] “Imagine you repeatedly watching the Titanic clip I showed you before.” —> Imagine you repeatedly watch the Titanic clip…


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