Toothache Under a Crown

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Oleander is known in homeopathy for its use in treating lice, fissures, and also itching of the skin. Still, hardly anyone knows that this homeopathic remedy can be of excellent service with toothaches under crowns. Let’s take a symbolic look at why a person has his teeth covered over crowns. The teeth stand for weapons, the power to assert oneself, and the stability used to achieve one’s personal needs.

The homeopathic remedy Oleander can help!

A person with bad teeth is unwilling to demand things that follow his nature. This person abstains from the battle for survival, makes himself small, and tends to conform to the desires and needs of others. To make use of his weapons at all, he seeks artificial stability in crowning his teeth. This gives him the stabilizing strength that his structure and vitality require. Of course, by so doing, he has also subordinated himself to this borrowed sturdiness.

If tension arises between his needs and the borrowed reserves of strength, a toothache develops under the crowns. The homeopathic remedy Oleander mirrors this situation. The plant Oleander is very sturdy and, for this reason, is often used in southern climes as a divider on freeways.

The Psychology of Oleander

The patient who needs Oleander is in a situation in which other people want to influence him. He feels threatened by feeling the need to withdraw his own strength. If he conforms to the ideas and values of others, he loses his individuality. Oleander, as a homeopathic remedy, is often helpful when a child feels overly controlled by the care person in his life. For example, when school assignments must be done precisely as the authority wants and there is no room for it to be creative. To protect itself, the child often flees into a fantasy world and unfolds its potential.

Summary of Oleander

Summarizing, the psychological significance of Oleander can be seen as follows:

“Letting the values of others be forced upon you. Holding out until the bitter end, until the threat from an authority figure has passed. Waiting so long until the other person no longer has any influence without a battle needing to be fought.”

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