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Antonie Peppler first published this article about the Secret of Homeopathic Potency in the German language. While developing her approach, Creative Homeopathy, she tested all available potencies and even designed her own. This treatise is her understanding of the subject matter:

For many people, homeopathy is still a book with seven seals. This mystery will undoubtedly remain until material thinking has lost priority and man is ready to understand himself again as a spiritual being. The spirit, the “idea,” has become flesh and has materialized as written in the Bible. Our world results from the condensation processes of various ideas of the spirit realm—the concept of man as individuals, the idea of plants, animals, etc. If we also understand homeopathy in this sense, it reverses materialization, i.e., dematerialization, back to the archetypal idea.

A substance is diluted, shaken, diluted, and this many times. The process of densification is reversed in many stages.

The more often this dematerialization process takes, the closer we are to the idea’s origin and spirit. In the original concept lie all the variations. Therefore, all other possibilities can derive from it. The idea is the most “undeluded,” unspecific variant.

Homeopathic Potencies

From the idea to matter

Imagine you want to build a table. First, the idea exists. Initially, this table does not yet have a fixed shape. All variants are still present in this basic conception. Then you think about what kind of table it should be and what form it should ultimately have. With these considerations, you lay one idea over the other—the materialization begins. The vision of how the table should become, the plan on paper, the purchase of materials, and the table’s completion also end the idea’s materialization. With this, a specific result has been created. An idea has been “established,” specified, and completed. The highest degree of materialization corresponds to the finished result.

With objects, the materialization is still well comprehensible. However, the premise that living beings also come into existence this way is, in the usual thinking, rather unusual.
The initiator, the idea giver of the table, of an object, is outside of this. The thing is not animated by itself. In our example, the concept of a table is not present in the wood itself. For that, it needs the idea giver, the human being.

Man as self-creator

The idea giver is present in a living entity and, therefore, embedded in human beings. Usually, this part is called the “divine aspect” or soul—the part from which everything creates itself. The more conscious a living being is, the more creative its “divine part.” Therefore, the living being can also regenerate itself, which a table, an object, can not do.

However, one crucial component of material thinking is the belief that God (even if he exists) is outside of living beings. Material thinking or a lack of consciousness makes a living being supposedly an object. The individual seems to be dependent on God’s grace. The greater the intuitive or intentional consciousness of the living being, the more the sentence “Help yourself, then God will help you!” evolves as a guiding principle.

If this creative power is controlled through the individual consciousness, if the human being knows what he wants, and if he follows his inner life plan, his inner voice, he vibrates in harmony within himself and is healthy.

Health and Disease

But if his inner life motives are unclear, disordered, or divergent, if he orients himself too much to the outside, he degrades himself into an object and becomes ill. Concepts, justifications, impulses of willpower, and beliefs uncritically adopted by the family or society might conflict with each other inside the individual. Thus, different condensation levels of life visions arise, which do not harmonize but can be balanced if man strives for harmony. This process of harmonizing is called healing.

Divergences in the human being correspond to different energetic, materialized condensation levels, which irritate each other metaphorically, emerging in forms of illness.

Healing and harmonization mean that various intrinsically out-of-balance levels of condensation must be harmonized.

This balance is achieved, e.g., by information, music, color, and much more effectively by the potency of a homeopathic remedy.

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The healing remedy

  • the dematerialized, diluted, original substance, the actual subject of the imbalance. Let us call it a conflict in one’s self,
  • the type of dilution, which corresponds to a coarse or differentiated pronunciation, information transmission,
  • its speed of communication, and the inner dynamics created by the frequency of the dematerialization.

The possible cure corresponds with looking into one’s unconscious mirror. Through the homeopathic remedy, the unconscious is shown a matrix of the subject of the imbalance. The intensity of the imbalance can be harmonized by the potency of the information, the degree of dynamics, and the speed of transmission.

That is why Hahnemann wrote in his Organon that the potency of the healing remedy must be a little stronger than the degree of condensation of the pathological disorder.

The degree of condensation of homeopathic potencies

The standard Potencies

There are many different homeopathic potencies, which, as said, reflect an exceptional degree of condensation or materialization of a disorder, which manifests as a disease. The patient can use this “mirror” depending on his motivation.

The potency known so far is the D, C, and LM or Q potencies. If we compare the quality of the potencies with speech, the D potency with the dilution degree 1: 10 is the coarsest. A statement is made with a full mouth. The remedy is still very material, very dense. The C potency in the dilution degree 1:100 is to be compared with a more delicate, differentiated statement. The LM or Q potency is based on an intricate production method based on a C3 with substantial refinement—dilution of the substance—corresponds to a whispering. This susurration, with each administration, becomes a louder, constantly repeated statement, which finally “annoys” the patient. Very often, directly before healing occurs, an initial worsening is seen as a defiant reaction.

For example, a mother repeatedly speaks to her child in a quiet tone: clean up your room, until the child, thoroughly annoyed, says: It’s okay; I’ll do it if you stop talking to me. In terms of potencies, there are also different treatment methods, all of which have their justification.

Homeopathic light potencies

In the last few years, I could observe an apparent increase in consciousness in more and more patients in my practice. It also happened that the existing potency forms had an unsatisfactory effect even in high dilution levels, i.e., as high potency.

One evening, in a small group that included a physicist, we discussed the most diverse homeopathic treatment methods. I told the group about a dream I had about eight years ago in this context. In it, I was working with a highly subtle potency, a potency at the speed of light. At that time, I took note of the dream, thought about it, discussed it with people, and then forgot about it. In the small group, I received a response to my vision for the first time. The physicist followed my explanations with interest and gave me hope to develop such a potency.

Speed of light

In the course of 3 months, based on Einstein’s relation E = m * c2, power was available at the speed of light. This Li potency has been extensively tested in various practices in the last two years. In patients with highly developed consciousness, this potency form promoted clarity in speed and ease that I had not experienced before. Meanwhile, special homeopathic remedies, especially the waters of spiritual healers or places such as Aqua Amma and Aqua Ganges from India, Aqua Joan de Deus from Brazil, Aqua Lourd from Portugal, etc., are present in Li potency alongside classical homeopathic remedies.

It is often interesting to recognize or test which disturbance quality is present in a patient and which potency or language it requires to have the conflict “answered” in homeopathic treatment.

The original article about homeopathic potencies was written by Antonie Peppler and translated by Christian Köhlert.

About the Author

Hi, my name is Christian Köhlert. I am the officially appointed ambassador of Creative Homeopathy according to Antonie Peppler®, and my mission is to introduce this holistic approach and philosophy to the international alternative medicine community. I have written all translations of Antonie’s work on this page. If you have questions, contact our team or make an appointment for a homeopathic online consultation.

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  1. David

    How are these Li potencies made? Is there more information on this?

    • Christian Köhlert

      Hi David! I wrote you an email. We can talk soon about those details. Regards —Christian

  2. David Chitara

    2nd paragraph under “From Idea to Matter” section, 2nd sentence — suggested edit: However, the premise that living beings also come into existence this way is, in the usual thinking, rather unusual.

    2nd sentence under “Health and Disease” — “Concepts, justifications, impulses of willpower, and beliefs uncritically adopted by the family or society might conflict with each other within himself.” That last phrase “with each other within himself” might flow better like “with each other internally.” or “with each other inside the individual.”

    I’m a bit confused about the 3 bullet points under “The Healing Remedy.” It seems that you go on in the following paragraph to kind of tie them together. But, for me, it feels like something is missing there (and I realize this is a translation of something Antonie wrote). Not sure what to recommend there, but it’s a bit cumbersome for my mind. [not a big deal…just felt like pointing out]

    2nd paragraph under “The Standard Potencies” — 1st sentence suggested correction: The potencies known so far are the D, C, and LM or Q potencies.
    In this same paragraph, the word “susurration” is used. This is actually a word I’ve never heard or read before…not in common use. I’d suggest a different word use there, like “murmuring,” “murmuration,” or “whispering” etc.

    It was good to re-read this one! Lots of good stuff packed in there!

  3. SJ

    Hello, can you please let me know your email as I am having trouble with the contact form!! Thank you


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