The psychological meaning of mouth and lips

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This article will decode the psychological meaning and homeopathic treatment of the mouth and lips according to the research of Antonie Peppler, the founder of Creative Homeopathy, and her examination of symptom language.

According to her interpretation, “symptom language” is a form of somatic transmission—the “soma” (meaning the material body) or the subconsciousness by utilizing the physical body communicates an internal conflict that the person must become aware of to balance himself. This realignment is based on the understanding that health is a natural state which comes with mental, physical, and spiritual equilibrium.

Mouth and lips in Homeopathy

As the digestive process’s first stage, the mouth represents how life is integrated. Many proverbs that are related to the mouth say something about the approach of how we dare to incorporate new information. So it primarily symbolizes communication and the exchange of ideas. This process is not limited to verbal expression. A smile can say more than a thousand words, but also, the reception of food symbolizes the intake of information since every food has a psychological meaning.

The lips symbolize the willingness to communicate and exchange in the verbal sense as well as the non-verbal, sensual, salacious, sexual, and integrative meanings. They are also a symbol of nourishment. A kiss is a form of emotional nutrition—symbolically closely associated with the act of feeding.

The shape of the lips indicates how someone relates to these areas mentioned above and thus to life in general: more emotional people tend to have soft and curved lips, whereas rationality leads to narrow and stiff lips. The upper lip composes the ancestors’ information, while the lower lip represents one’s own position.

Mouth and lips-related diseases in homeopathy

The psychological meaning of cheilitis or chapped lips

Cheilitis, which shows in chapped lips, symbolizes that the willingness to integrate or the ability to reach out to others is disturbed because recurring extreme situations have led to negatively evaluated experiences—a trauma imprint has been internalized. Thus, the individual is inwardly torn between his own impulses and the traditional understanding of emotional or communicative nurturing.

The underlying mental programs and imprints that lead to such an internal disturbance are related to the corresponding homeopathic remedies and their psychological meaning.

Homeopathic remedies for cheilitis or chapped lips

  • Ammonium carbonicum = Lack of security due to the destruction of the paternal example
  • Carbo vegetabilis = Life force is not used for healthy self-interest
  • Chamomilla = Does not feel a sense of belonging, is angry about it, and defiant
  • Graphites naturalist = Sits between two chairs
  • Hepar sulfuric = Wanting to change others, to strengthen own security
  • Natrium carbonicum = Cannot work together, cannot work alone
  • Natrium muriaticum = Clinging to what is tried and known

The meaning of Fever blisters: Herpes labialis

Fever blisters on the lips, known as herpes labialis, indicate an individual that prefers silence over healthy criticism. The apparent harmony is in danger as soon as the personality formulates or reveals what is criticized about the counterpart. So the individual suffering from herpes labialis prohibits himself from “opening his mouth,” and the encapsulated and repressed aggressions held back “bloom” in the form of herpes.

The underlying mental programs that lead to such an imprint of self-silencing are visible in the corresponding homeopathic remedies known as herpes treatments and their psychological meaning.

Homeopathic remedies for Herpes labialis

  • Agaricus muscarius = Feeling like a loser
  • Dulcamara = Dominances must not be questioned
  • Natrium muriaticum = Clinging to what is tried and known
  • Niccolum metallicum = The severed head; separation of mind and feeling
  • Rhus toxicodendron = Feeling fixed and constricted, wanting to escape
  • Sarsaparilla officinalis = Suffering spreads out
  • Sepia succus = The longing for harmony which must correspond to one’s own ideas

The meaning of cracked corners of the mouth: rhagades

Cracked corners of the mouth, known as rhagades, psychologically refer to individuals who have a conflicting perspective with their family traditions. Differences become visible between the ways of their ancestors and their own approaches. After all, the philosophical perspective on life is constantly undergoing an evolutionary process from each generation.

Instead of accepting the natural evolution, this dispute is still evaluated—in the sense of “emotional charges.” On the one hand, the individual wants to be accepted with his own ideas, ways, and values. On the other hand, he still lacks the tolerance to admit this approval to the previous generations. To concede one’s own ways is neither mutual nor reciprocal. This discrepancy creates a visible conflict between the upper lip (ancestors) and the lower lip (own position). The unconscious reasoning based on mental imprints is mirrored in the corresponding homeopathic treatment and the psychological meaning of the remedies.

Homeopathic remedies for rhagades

  • Antimonium crudum = Polarity is cruel; rejects hard life; want to refuse it, wants support
  • Calcium carbonicum = want to refuse life, wants support
  • Causticum = Due to strong injury, having built an emotional wall
  • Eupatorium perfoliatum = Loss of personality structure due to lack of self-responsibility
  • Graphites naturalist = Sits between two chairs
  • Hydrastis canadensis = Refuses to have a zest for life and blames others for it
  • Natrium muriaticum = Clinging to what is tried and known
  • Zincum metallicum = Feigned dignity and discipline instead of feelings

Homeopathy for Body & Soul

This article is an excerpt from the book “Homeopathy for Body and Soul” which was written by Antonie Peppler decoding the mental imprints behind the most common symptoms and diseases.

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