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This article is an excerpt from the book “The Psychological Meaning of Homeopathic Remedies” regarding Colocynthis. The double-volume compilation was authored by Antonie Peppler, the founder of Creative Homeopathy, who psychologically analyzed the most powerful remedies and the mental imprints behind common illnesses.

Colocynthis as a homeopathic remedy

Typical Indications of Colocynthis; coloc; Bitter Cucumber

  • tenesmus of the bladder = constant urging
  • colicky flatulence
  • biliary colic
  • sciatica
  • trigeminal neuralgia = pain of the facial nerves

Key Symptoms

agonizing pain in abdomen causing patient to bend double ‹sa››› angry that he has bowed so long to the will of others
amel. by hard pressure ‹sa››› a firm structure gives the appearance of security
wind colic ‹sn››› has strongly supported something that he really doesn’t stand behind, unspoken conflict

Additional Selected Symptoms

delirium alternating with sopor ‹sk››› doesn’t want to be aware and withdraws from the responsibility
bad effects following indignation ‹sk››› accepted punishment for the expression of anger
godless, want of religious feeling ‹sk››› doesn’t want to let others tell him how to do it
ailments after reproaches ‹sk››› feels guilty because he didn’t do what he himself feels is right
indifference to his religion ‹sk››› doesn’t want to conform any longer and do what’s expected of him
weeping, after mortification ‹sk››› is enraged that he has conformed to something
vertigo, alcoholic liquors ‹sk››› doesn’t want to stay in the relationship any longer to avoid the hurts
greasy perspiration, forehead ‹sk››› makes an effort to assert his will
extremity pain, walking outside amel. ‹sk››› feel guilty because he wants to go his own way
eye pain, bending forward agg. ‹sk››› look and change, don’t serve
constriction, chest, during stool ‹sk››› criticism is not expressed so that one’s support remains
back pain, ascends, with constriction of anus ‹sk››› has put too much on his shoulders, doesn’t defend himself
coldness, umbilicus ‹sk››› disappointment influences even his inner center
boring extremity pain ‹sk››› his manner of acting has been taken over
pain in nose, extending to the root of nose ‹sk››› his own personality has been hurt in its foundations

Psychology of Colocynthis

Actual Life Situation

The individual resonating with Colocynthis typically suffers from a wave of gut-level anger originating from conforming and suppression of irritation. He doesn’t find what is suitable for himself and is enraged about it.

Remedy Message of Colocynthis(high potency)

“Have the courage to show your anger despite the fear of more hurts!”

Message of Colocynthis

Condition After Taking Colocynthis (high potency)

After Colocynthis it becomes evident that the personality is afraid of further hurt. The emotional or also physical hurts (caust, staph, op, camph) from which the personality would like to protect itself (gal-ac) can now be perceived. It obviously feels itself defenseless alone, but doesn’t dare to fight for itself (mag-c) and acts instead as a helper (cocc, caust) for others.

“Gut-level anger from conforming and suppression of irritation.”

Corresponding imprint of Colocynthis

The Psychological Meaning
of Homeopathic remedies

This article is an excerpt from the book “The Psychological Meaning of Homeopathic Remedies” which was the first publication of Antonie Peppler decoding the mental imprints behind the 190 most significant treatments in homeopathy. In her 2nd volume, she added another 160 analyses.

You can order “The Psychological Meaning of Homeopathic Remedies – Vol. I” in physical form from Books on Demand (BoD) or as a digital PDF. Also available is Volume II as Books on Demand or PDF download.

The Psychological Meaning of Homeopathic Remedies book by Antonie Peppler mockup


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