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How do we neutralize the trauma of losing a beloved being? In my last article in our “Organon of Creative Homeopathy” series, I elaborated on how we attain psychological imprints based on traumatic experiences. Specifically, the challenge of dealing with the loss of a dear person is a widespread issue because it is inevitable that people die. Accordingly, I will take this example and propagate an alternative philosophical point of view. While Creative Homeopathy utilizes homeopathic remedies to solve the subsequent psychological imprints on a deeper layer of consciousness, we also offer an intellectual solution to facilitate holistic integration.

Trauma and Psychological Imprints

Trauma Restaging – The Loop of Suffering

This scenario of loss, which I described in the chapter before, is a very common loop that people experience in various unique manifestations. Neither the “avoiding intimacy” nor the “controlling program” serve us to leave the cycle of suffering. By the way, those are just examples. People have invented many more unhealthy approaches to avoid pain and, with that, personal evolution. From the point of Creative Homeopathy, all these imprints are counter-productive, and we need to eliminate them to evolve further. These programs might have had a temporary purpose to protect us from something we were unprepared to deal with, but now they have become inhibitors of our evolution.

You can test yourself if you have a hidden trauma.

It is not difficult to find out whether you have trauma related to the topic of losing a beloved person. To conduct a little self-test, just confront yourself with a story that matches this archetypical profile. For example, watch “Titanic” with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet one fine evening. Feel yourself right into the protagonist and invite some friends over to initiate a secret social experiment.

the Archetypical Loss Scenario

The movie “Titanic” is my favorite example because it depicts so beautifully the perfect archetypical situation of having to watch the “love of your life” vanish in front of your eyes to “never” come back. When people start projecting themselves into the Kate character, it will automatically trigger their suppressed trauma. Of course, first, you must identify with the protagonist to a certain degree. When the film finally approaches its last climax, the truth will show.

The dramatic peak when Jack finally drowns | “Titanic,” the movie

An intense emotional outbreak is a strong indicator.

The Titanic Trauma

You have to observe your own emotions and look around at how other people resonate with this confrontation when the scene arises where Leonardo/Jack is sinking into the dark abyss of the ocean. All those around the television screen who emotionally react to this archetype hold a judgment concerning this issue.

You might probably think now that this behavior is expected and makes us human. Yes, to a certain degree, but there is a fine line—a balance. Of course, it is unnecessary to become an emotionless robot or psychopath to respond with sincere spiritual maturity in the light of a confrontation like that. We can learn about a different approach from another famous movie character—Master Yoda.

“Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force. Mourn them do not. Miss them do not. Attachment leads to jealously. The shadow of greed, that is. (..) I think you could put this with; Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter. The first held deeper meaning to me.”

Master Yoda

The Yoda Principle

A Healthy And Self-contained Relationship

Is it possible to have a loving relationship with people while still being self-contained and independent? I believe so! It’s a delicate balance, and you will know when you get there. You might still miss people who have left your life stage, but you are confident you can be happy and content without them. As a spiritually matured entity, you know that you are eternally connected with everything because everything emerges from one singularity—in fact, there is just ONE. You are genuinely always “al(l)-one.”

Free yourself from pathological attachment issues!

Because it emerges from the One Infinite Creator, separation is merely a temporary illusion that comes with making a human experience. As convinced as you are that Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio played in many more movies than just “Titanic,” you know that, whoever left your stage of life, this person is not lost forever. They are just waiting behind the curtain of time to plan a new movie project with you if you wish to do so. If this concept is not just a romantic idea but becomes your absolute reality, there won’t be any more suffering regarding this issue.

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Letting go of attachments

The only sustainable Solution

letting go of Attachments

Admittedly, it is a long way to get to such a high spiritual epiphany. It is not unusual to get entangled in different trauma, such as losing a beloved person and suffering from it. Nature has only one way of how it lets you master a specific discipline—it’s repetition. Every skill needs time to develop. It is natural for a child to stumble and hurtfully fall many times before it masters walking. We can extrapolate that to all aspects of life.

The evolutional process of fully letting go of all attachments takes hundreds or thousands of lifetimes. For a soul to acquire, an in-depth understanding might take a while, even with the help of Creative Homeopathy. Many repetitions are necessary, and letting go of other living beings is probably one of the sternest lectures.

The Soul’s Conflict With Worldly Attachments

The typical attachment trauma is an excellent example of how a conflict manifests between the different layers of our being. Remember, the higher aspect of ourselves, which we call the Soul, is our true self. It exists eternally until it merges with the source. The Soul is aligned toward freedom, flow, gratitude, and living in the now. A mind program based on attachment trauma is quite the opposite. It seeks to control and maintain artificial order, is based on fear, and is mostly focused on the future combined with regrets concerning the past. We could say that the ego handling the steering wheel contradicts the captain, which is the Soul.

Mutiny becomes the inner conflict.

Usually, “Captain Soul” is pretty good-natured with our ego-personality. Still, if our higher aspect realizes that we went off too far from the course toward our soul mission, he starts sabotaging the whole boat. Therefore, the body develops a disease. The Soul is even willing to cancel the entire mission and abandon the ship if every attempt to change the route becomes futile. The stubborn ego is unwilling to reconsider a particular crucial belief it upholds. That is mostly when the body creates a deadly disease like cancer because the soul decides to abort the current incarnation. It uses the illness to eliminate the body-mind complex to initiate a restart—we call it “respawn” in computer games.

Syncing Mind and Soul creates a Flow-state.

The art of harmonic and healthy living is to synchronize ego-mind and Soul. If both aspects act coherently, life becomes a flow state. We are living our full potential and experiencing true abundance. If this harmony is our goal in life, we must overcome false and pathological imprints. Those are essential mind programs that we either created ourselves due to trauma or those we allowed to infiltrate us because we consented to certain doctrines of society that we never dared to question. For such an endeavor, a Creative Homeopath comes in handy. A different perspective and experience can help us identify and neutralize those mental parasites or noxious thought forms.

Homeopathic Conclusion

I like to propagate holistic thinking when dealing with losing a beloved being—I like to call it the Yoda Principle. It is based on the assumption that we are immortal souls playing a temporary character on this stage of life. From a higher perspective, we are all eternally interconnected since we all emerged from the same source. This deep creed derives from the esoteric wisdom of the Hermetic Principle that every seemingly physical form is a manifestation of consciousness.

In the last chapter of our Organon series, I will detail how Creative Homeopaths identify and neutralize noxious imprints. It certainly won’t surprise you that we utilize homeopathic remedies, but I like to give a more profound explanation. The answer includes a physical model of how information medicine works from my perspective.

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