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It is almost impossible to understand the working mechanisms of homeopathy from a mere materialistic perspective, especially if you consider remedies in high potencies. From a cartesian worldview, we are very limited to grasp the processes. Without the consideration that there is an information field beyond the 4-dimensional space-time continuum, homeopathy can hardly be explained. Therefore, it is imperative to foster the understanding of metaphysical mechanisms that can be found in quantum physics and various models in all branches of science.

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In this section of our media library, we like to introduce you to a wide range of publications that support a multidimensional perspective on reality. Our recommendations are geared to facilitate a more interconnected universe that explains how information and frequencies form our physical existence.

Quantum Information Field

To understand the working of information in an interconnected reality, we need to study quantum particles’ “magical” properties. When Einstein first got introduced to quantum entanglement, he called it “spooky.” Later this effect was called the Einstein-Podolski-Rosen-Paradox, and it still baffles scientists today how this is possible unless you accept higher informational structures beyond space and time.

Morphogenetic Fields

Ruper Sheldrake is a modern pioneer in investigating higher-dimensional effects on living beings. As a biologist, he observed how information is transmitted between living beings in hundreds of experiments. He coined the term Morphogenetic Fields as a model to describe the higher-dimensional connection between biological structures. Since homeopathy works in the same realm, we recommend his work.

Homeopahy Explained

This short video explains the basic concepts and misconceptions that surround homeopathy. It also describes the controversy that comes along when you try to explain the working mechanisms in a mere 4-dimensional context. We recommend this clip because it gives people who are new to homeopathy a brief overview. Therefore, it doesn’t go into detail or deeper physical models that could explain informational medicine.

Simulation Hypothesis

Creative Homeopathy is based on the premise that physical reality manifests from a field of consciousness. This idea is adapted from the first law of the Kybalion – a fundamental hermetic scripture. We also know that principle from the Vedic concept of “Maya,” or the idea of a holographic universe. In modern times this understanding is expressed in the scientific premise of the Simulation Hypothesis.

Conspiracy Theory of Everything

When we talk about a multidimensional reality and certain other knowledge in the medical context that various powerful institutions have suppressed, we will always touch the realm which is labeled “conspiracy theory.” This topic is very controversial, and we can only appeal to the individual’s discernment. Nevertheless, we like to recommend a movie that puts different concepts in a greater perspective for you to go down the rabbit hole.

Morphic Resonance

In Creative Homeopathy, in homeopathy in general, and actually in life itself, we find the understanding that everything is vibration. According to one of the hermetic principles, which also is in the Kybalion, this property has many effects. Frequencies can be in harmony or create pathological dissonance, for example. In this context, we also find the aspect of resonance which is part of informational medicine.

Universal Consciousness

From the perspective of Creative Homeopathy, we are embedded in a unified field of consciousness. This field is connected over vast distances of “space” and over time. Archetypical information and vibration play a significant role in this understanding. Therefore, we like to recommend this GAIA documentary which puts a lot of emphasis on this aspect of reality which is crucial for a holistic understanding of the nature of our universe.

M. Schmieke | Information Fields

Marcus Schmieke is a well-known figure in the realm of alternative medicine in Germany with his approach to work with information. He is also an advocate for promoting the work of Burkard Heim, who developed a 12-dimensional model of the world. This sophisticated perspective on reality includes a 4-dimensional “information space,” a key component to understanding how information can alter physical conditions.

Nassim Haramain | Boundless Information

We like to introduce you to Nassim Haramain, who is an internationally well-respected scientist who promotes the understanding of a multidimensional and interconnected perspective on reality. He works in the footsteps of men like Burkard Heim or Emil Charon. In order to understand the working mechanisms of homeopathy, it is imperative to follow the logic of men like Nassim to gain an intellectual understanding of information fields.

Our Articles

In this section, we like to provide professional articles that deal with the more profound implications of Creative Homeopathy. Along with case studies, we also elaborate on the three pillars of Creative Homeopathy: psychology, symptom language, and the understanding of classical homeopathy as Samuel Hahnemann taught it. For all homeopathic articles go to the overview page.

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