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In this article Antonie Peppler, the founder of Creative Homeopathy, writes about her understanding that the homeopathic approach is a path to awareness. She also touches on symptom language and how our subconscious mind communicates messages through the body—what we call somatization. Antonie also emphasizes in this article the necessity of the evolution of classical homeopathy. This therapeutic approach must move on in its evolutionary process to fit the modern paradigm.

The HomeopathIC Approach to Consciousness

Our ancestors knew that disease starts within us, in the soul or psyche of a person. Reflections of this fact can be found in the everyday idiom of almost every language. Take, for example, the German language expressions such as “Something is bothering my kidneys” [in German: “Mir ist etwas an die Nieren gegangen”] or “A louse has run over my liver” [in German: “Mir ist eine Laus über die Leber gelaufen”]. Seen symbolically, the kidney is the organ of partnering and communication. When people feel wounded by someone else, it can “bother their kidneys.”

The liver stands as the organ of self-awareness. If the self cannot live itself out, then a person can’t separate himself as a distinct personality. If you do not remain true to yourself, the liver can no longer perform its detoxification processes, which stand for manifested aggression. Soon this person becomes so “poisonous” that the most trivial incident is enough to make him angry. He always has “a louse running over his liver.”

What the organs tell us

Every organ has its symbolic significance, its body language. If a therapist knows this symptom language or the language of illness, then he or she understands that which the patient has not yet grasped about their own life. Lack of consciousness, remarkably suppressed consciousness, is always the cause of disease. Unfortunately, this knowledge has been almost completely lost to our abstract, modern form of medicine.

Looking at the evolution of mankind, we see the developing human being partly swimming, partly washed up on land where he later stands upright. Translating the symbolic significance of this act, we see how man lifts himself out of the unconscious, imitating the collective to his posture. Every individual has something special, a personal touch, that wants to be lived out. When people can bring this special gift to expression, they experience inner satisfaction and are capable of loving.

Depression from a homeopathic point of view Article Creative Homeopathy
Depression from a homeopathic point of view” Article Creative Homeopathy

The path to individuality is often a difficult challenge because through our education, beginning in kindergarten, in school, and later in our careers, we have become accustomed to renouncing our individuality to conform to the group’s needs. It is precisely this process that makes many people unhappy, and it makes them sick. If such people can become aware of the source of their discomfort and make a change on this level, then it is no longer necessary for them to express their situation in the language of the symptoms of dis-ease. This leads to much more satisfaction in life.

The homeopathic remedy as a message

Homeopathy as a form of therapy focuses upon the law of repetition, mirroring some unresolved dilemmas. When old traumas are viewed in the mirror and given a new impulse through the homeopathic remedy, they can be reexamined and emotionally balanced. Through this, people become liberated and more aware, and their life becomes more affluent.

Every homeopathic remedy carries its own message, which is immediately understood by the subconscious mind. If the chosen remedy corresponds to the issues of the patient, he or she will become healthy through this act of knowledge.

Natrium muriaticum Example

For example, let’s look at the message of Natrium muriaticum (table salt). As is well known, salt binds water. Water stands symbolically for feelings. So people who are clinging to their feelings (e.g., after the loss of a partner or a death in the family) need homeopathically prepared table salt to find their way back to a dynamic mode of living without “holding on for dear life” to something in their past.

The psychological meaning of Natrium muriaticum as homeopathic remedy
The psychological meaning of Natrium muriaticum as a homeopathic remedy

Glonoinum Message

Another example is Glonoinum (nitroglycerin) in homeopathy, the main component in explosives. If a patient needs this remedy, his way of thinking, his whole approach to life, is too closed in, and his subconscious is signaling that he could be making a lot more of himself. One symptom of Glonoinum is sunstroke. In the warmth, we begin to expand ourselves.

We become more humorous, lighter, and open until, because of our sullenness or fears, we reach our boundaries, which must be broken. The homeopathically prepared Glonoinum, preferably in a high potency, will not only cure sunstroke but also create an expansion of awareness.

From psychology to self-awareness

Psychology is still a further element of what we have called “Creative Homeopathy.” It is often enough the case that patients refuse to take a step forward in their process of self-awareness. Their inner convictions stand in their way.

Take the example of a young woman, married with two children. Inwardly, she is dissatisfied and restless. She may have developed varicose veins during pregnancy. Varicose veins [in German “Krampfadern” = cramped veins] represent cramped retardation of her further development.

What means individuation in holistic therapy?
What means individuation in holistic therapy?

Life Situation and Symptoms

The life situation and symptoms of the patient permit the following conclusions: She was probably unconscious of her motives for getting married. Perhaps the young woman wanted to escape unhappy parents, or she felt alone and helpless as a woman in this world. She found herself a partner, as is not uncommon, to be cared for as a replacement for her unloved childhood home. She did not marry fully aware of her decision and out of love for her partner, but in the “desire to be taken care of.”

If this woman is treated homeopathically, she will now become aware of the formerly unconscious motive of her marriage. This new knowledge will undoubtedly result in a change in her relationship. Either she will become closer to her partner because the two can now touch each other “with their souls,” or there will be a separation because the rational motive no longer plays a role in the relationship. Even the children are now more than just a “means to an end.” In this case, each partner can find, in full awareness, a new companion who is more suited to them.

Final Notes regarding Homeopathy

These are just a few short examples of the symbolism of symptom language, the psychological significance of homeopathic remedies, and commonly occurring psychological patterns.

“Creative Homeopathy” is based, without exception, upon the teachings of Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathy. However, it has been expanded through the addition of several essential elements taken from our modern mindset, for example, in the Family Constellation Work of Bert Hellinger. In agreement with the spirit of our times, the view of Homeopathy transforms itself from observing and treating isolated conditions to dealing with the dynamic processes of life.

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Hi, my name is Christian Köhlert. I am the officially appointed ambassador of Creative Homeopathy according to Antonie Peppler®, and my mission is to introduce this holistic approach and philosophy to the international alternative medicine community. I have written all translations of Antonie’s work on this page. If you have questions, contact our team or make an appointment for a homeopathic online consultation.

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